Ellenbrook Day 5 – Birthday Celebrations

This Sunday morning was more than just an ordinary morning as it was Ellie Edwards’ birthday. The girls woke up especially early to wish her a happy birthday; then we were treated with an amazing breakfast consisting of pancakes, bacon and rice. We then dressed in our ‘Sunday best’ and headed out to a local church run by Pastor Ely who invited Alannah, Jack, Mary, Rhiannon and Mrs Ford to perform ‘King of my Heart,’ which is a song that they have been practising since we arrived in Cabacungan. I, Mark, was also offered the chance to share my testimony with the church just before Mr Taylor preached his message on Trusting God with control over our lives. Nathan and Mary performed a short skit depicting the narrative of Mr Taylor’s message where Nathan played Jesus and Mary played a young girl that had just accepted Jesus into her life. The sermon was about how we only let Jesus take control when it is convenient to us, but “leaning on our own understanding” the rest of the time.

After the church service, we had lunch and then headed out to the IRC for an afternoon church service with the locals and some of the children that live there. There was plenty of singing and dancing with Alannah, Jack, Mary, Rhiannon, and Mrs Ford performing ‘King of my Heart’ again, as well as ‘Every move I make’. We also joined in singing well known songs, but in the local dialect. It was truly an amazing experience and the children loved listening to us stumble over the words. Afterwards, we participated in the distribution of food to the locals and played games with the kids.

And what better way to end the day with an absolutely beautiful 18th birthday party that Aunty Maya prepared for Ellie. She was treated to a Filipino tradition called Debutant, which celebrates the growth from a girl to a young woman. The ceremony involved all the boys handing her roses and dancing with her, as well as all the girls showering her with praise. Then for the BIG FINALE we all ate like kings:  spaghetti, rice, fried chicken, bread, fish and a WHOLE ROAST PIG. To our surprise, we were also given an astounding, mind-blowing dance in which the dancers wore costumes with LED lights. It was truly an eventful way to end a wonderful day.

– Kaitlyn and Mark

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Mr Taylor and Mrs Kelava to Bruno and Leanne – painting is charged at a premium rate. All monies raised will go towards next year’s fund raising 🙂

Ellie Edwards – Thank you everybody for the Birthday wishes I had a great night.

Alissa to Dad –Looking forward to the race update….oh yeah and also cant wait Ziggy

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  1. Hello Ellenbrookers- I am a Swan Mum-I would like to wish Ellie a happy 18th- what a wonderful day you had !!!

  2. Well what a wonderful day you have had , so many memories and new friends and experiences , I can’t compete with the wonderful carved fruit and roast pig , dads been in the garden hovering the leaves with his new toy 😀Love to everyone , tomorrow we be another wonderful day xxxx

  3. Looks like a great day you had Ellie. Glad you had a great time with everyone.

    Wish i could have been there to dance with you and gave you a bunch of roses too. Love your boyfriend Xx

  4. Looks like you all had an awesome day. I hope you all enjoyed the food. It would have been quite a special treat. Happy Birthday to Ellie. Miss you Kaitlyn, but great to see you in the odd photo 😊

  5. Happy 18th birthday Ellie. What a great celebration. Looks like you are all having an amazing time.

  6. What an amazing day everyone had – especially Elle. Your 18th in the Philippines will be hard to beat!! Keep up the great work. You all look like you are having a wonderful time while doing some fantastic work with Pastors Ely & Steve and their communities. Be encouraged by the legacy you leave behind.
    For Alissa, Abu Dhabi F1 was a yawn. Ricciardo car failed so didn’t finish…again!! Results were
    1) Bottas
    2) Hamilton
    3) Vettel
    4) Raikonnen
    5) Verstappen

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