Southern Hills Crew Day 5: Ain’t no Mountain High Enough

This morning we woke up to the sounds of roosters at 7:00 am, a generous sleep in! After munching down muffins, fried rice and fruit for breakfast, we gathered all of our supplies ready for today’s adventure. As today was Sunday, we had a break from our usual schedule of painting and tutoring to attend a church service at the Malay Gospel Church. It was a new  and interesting experience for some, with the service being the first for many of our team members. After singing numerous amounts of gospel songs, prayers and personal testimonies, our next destination included a hot, crowded bus ride and a mountain hike full with beautiful scenes of lush greenery and raging rapids. The boys (Trevin, Jacob, Josh, Mr. Beacham, Keegan and Mr. Puzey) played a vigorous game of basketball against the boys of the local community, and for once saw a victory! Then came a challenge for some… the handmade bamboo bridge that was around 1 foot wide, wobbling over the rocky water. We all saw it to the other end, and it was awesome seeing people challenge their fears. After a slight drizzle, we all swam, fully clothed, in the refreshing rapids. The water was exceptionally clear, and many of this years new team members really enjoyed the new experience. We unloaded all of the supplies for the children, including sanitary items and toys, blew up some balloon animals and participated in the feeding program which all went by in a flash. It was a great thing to see all the children’s faces light up with their new gifts and its a nice reminder why we all chose to come on the trip. For dinner this evening we ate at the well known ‘Jollibee” (the equivalent to Maccas back home), and had an impressive receipt afterwards! We were split into 4-5 groups and were given a challenge; to find something personalised, something to wear and something that was ‘out of the box’). There were many interesting and slightly disturbing items that we all found, with Josh, Jaime and Trevin getting into their more ‘feminine sides’. This activity was a great chance to bond with some people we didn’t usually hang out with, and was definitely a night to remember filled with many, many laughs. Jaime was the victor, and we will never forget his bright pink speedos.

Catch you later! Written by Hannah (with the supervision of Jaime and Jacob who ‘wrote the whole thing’.)

Sitting through this mornings church service.
Waiting for the long bus ride to begin.
Impressive bamboo origami (its a bird by the way)
Us handing out the supplies to the large crowd.
The bridge of death lurking behind the greenery.
The holy receipt of Jollibee.
*No caption needed*

10 thoughts on “Southern Hills Crew Day 5: Ain’t no Mountain High Enough

  1. Great post Hannah, thanks for the update! It sounds as though you all had a great day. Josh, Trev and Jamie I’m pleased to see that you are expanding your horizons 😂 Pink is definitely your colour! 💗 Jamie what have you been eating!!!??

    Keep having fun and keep working hard. As well as having fun, it sounds like you are all doing some great things.

    Take care xox

    Ps Jamie, Mel was so happy to get a pic of you 🤣

  2. Fabulous blog! It sounds so amazing over there: what an experience!
    Great pics. The boys seem to love stealing the show.
    Keep up the awesome work-and the interesting *cough* recreational pursuits:)

  3. Great to hear from you Humpty. The service sounded like a nice experience for you all. Hope that hike wasnt too unfriendly for your legs! Im sure you would have dried off quickly after your dip right? The word Jollibee sounds…jolly! Not gonna lie, the outfits were a hilarious surprise, terrific photos and it sounds like fun. Im so proud of you all for helping others, I know you must be tired but keep on keeping on! Halfway there, may the force be with you Xxxxxx

  4. Thanks Hannah great news Very brave boys ” hope there are pics of the ”bamboo bridge” a touch of Indiana Jones glad you are having fun xxxx

  5. Loving the blog. It sounds like you are all having an amazing time. Once agsin an amazing experience for you all. Great pictures, looking forward to seeing them all when you return home. Bree this is just a taster of what it is like travelling with Dan and Ben, good luck!

  6. Love your blog, the comments are great. Enjoy yourselves even while you do the hard work. You are being remembered in prayer as you do this great work. Remember to keep hydrated and wash your hands. I would hate any of you to be held back by a tummy bug. Would love to be with you. Take care.
    Mr Beacham and Mr Puzey enjoy yourselves as well and make sure you bring back plenty of photos.

    Mrs Tidy

  7. I did well this morning accidentally read Swan’s post first. Grandad thought it was so funny when I started to cry. They wrote a very emotional article. Hannah & boys great blog. Sounds like you had a great day. It certainly will make you realise how lucky you are to live in Australia. Hope you went ok Jennifer. Keep up the good work. Don’t forget to take your Medication Jennifer. Love to all Grandmum &Grandad & Dad

  8. Great to hear from you Hannah. Loving this blog it’s a great way to start the day. I check every morning just past 9 to get my update for the day. I hope the teachers and leaders are taking heaps of photos. Keep working hard and get some rest x

  9. Makes my day reading about the wonderful experiences you all are taking part in!! That Jollibee receipt looks similar to when we take Trevin out to dinner, Hahahahah!! Great photo Josh, Jamie and Trevin, pink certainly suits you all. Hey Trevin, have you coloured the bottom of your hair?? Hope you are all getting some rest and it sounds like you guys are eating well!! Take care and enjoy the last few days!! Love you loads Trevin xx

  10. Great job all you guys are doing over there, and very proud of my girls. Take care and keep kicking goals! Xx

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