Swan Day 5 – Sunday Church

Today was a rough, but overall good day. As a group, we’ve really started to click and work together. A few of us felt a bit sick and/or exhausted at different points during the day, but it didn’t stop us from connecting with people in the village and continuing to grow our relationships with them and each other.

The day started with breakfast as usual, including a quick rehearsal for our performance of the ‘Amazing Grace’ remix we later would be performing at church. After smashing out our funky tune a couple of times, we were ready to go! Our first church service began with ground-shakingly loud worship songs, our performance of Amazing Grace and a sermon about Thanksgiving from Pastor Jonas. We were all very tired, and with the room being a bit stuffy with only a few fans, some of us struggled to keep our eyes open. After many photos with the local church goers, we eagerly headed off to lunch.

After our much-anticipated servings of rice, pineapple, and some form of meat (usually chicken on a stick), we headed to the Purok Bangkal community where we were greeted with the usual smiling faces and high fives from the kids. We then had our second church service, and a testimony from our good friend, Brother Bert and spent some time interacting with the kids in the village.

In the afternoon, some of us spent our time serving up rice porridge to the kids, while the rest of us split servings of rice, sardines and noodles into packs to be distributed to the families. Some of the girls in the team had the opportunity to bond with the women, while giving them manicures, while the rest of the team kept the kids busy with ‘Duck Duck, Goose’ (Patu Patu, Manook (Manook actually means chicken, but they don’t know what a goose is)), teaching them the Hokey Pokey, and being taught how to make friendship bracelets by the older kids. It’s beginning to become emotional to leave the kids each evening and it’s starting to kick in that in a few days we’re going to have to say goodbye to come back to Australia.

As we watched the sun go down from the bus during the trip back to the hotel, we cranked out some bangers on the loud speaker and sung our hearts out, while waving enthusiastically to any and every local that we passed. We got ready for dinner and Zumba and headed to the lobby where we were surprised with a new form of transport, the big green bus had been replaced with 8 tiny trikes, which are motorbikes with side carts that fit 4 Australian people as opposed to the usual 8 Filipinos. We went on a quick tour of Sagay and experienced the local markets before heading to dinner, which involved games of Uno, uncoordinated Zumba dancing and a trip back to the hotel via the general store to get ice creams, belting out ‘Mr Brightside’ and ‘Little Lion Man’.

Everyone is learning more about the locals heartbreaking situations each day and as we get further into the trip it’s becoming more important to rely on each other. The positive comments from our family and friends are a great boost to start our day. We’re all missing home but are having a great time and experiencing so many new situations that are beginning to influence the way we see the world.

Catchya!  Megan & Madi

15 thoughts on “Swan Day 5 – Sunday Church

  1. I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of pix- yay!!!!!!! Looks like a loooong day ,,, but the people you are visiting look very happy to be spending time with you. The trikes look soooooooooooooooooo safe -not!!! Glad to see smiling Dandy- except for the boys club one !!! Georgia- were you that happy to see the food on the barbie???? P- Diddy’s trying out some class moves too !!!

  2. Thank you for all the photos today. What a busy day you had. Those trikes look like a lot of fun. Sharni you look very serious packing the food bags 🙂 Life is very quiet without you at home ! Miss you. Enjoy each and every moment.

  3. So great to see you connecting with the whole community amd with each other. We are learning so much along with you guys as well. Just like time in your corner of the world, looks like transport is whatever goes as well. I bet these were more fun than the 3-wheelers you have been on Harleen 😛
    Once again thanks for the insightful blog and pics. As we hear more from you, we also reflect on your experiences and it makes us pause and think about on our own lives in Australia. We are so proud of the effort and work you all are doing. The impact you are having is so clearly seen in the smiling faces around you. Keep going guys

  4. OMG Sean how did you gqt out, wait even get into the Phillipino Trikes. Another great day by the sounds of things. The blogs certainly make us realise how lucky we really are for living in Australia. Take on everything and give more than you have to give. Your personality will shine which will make their day a fun one (although it sounds like they and you are all having a ball). ❤️

  5. Hey, loving the pics and blogs, you all look like you are having fun and enjoying the experience so soak it up. Tee-wee missing you like crazy, I did try to send a message the other day but silly phone was going banana’s, so don’t think I have forgotten about you. 😀 you need to come home and save me from a house full of 5 males. 😁 hope you are having a wonderful time, love you and take care of yourself. Xxxxxxxxxxx 😘😘😘😘😘

  6. Awesome post Madi and Megs! Made me teary again realizing how lucky we all are and how special you guys are for doing what you’re doing. 😘 Megan it looks like you’re the Pied Piper over there with all the kids the same as home. Tilly, you can’t convince Megs to become ‘Megan the Vegan’ by bribing her with hugs!! Dad says hi too!! Miss you xx

  7. Hey Hannah!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    We miss you so much back here, I honestly don't know how I'm coping without you. I think I've cried myself to sleep every night just thinking of all the dangerous, scary things that you have been getting up to. Please please please come back safe and sound. How long now until you fly home??

    Treacle and Panda have been wondering where you are. They aren't getting fed anymore :') but that's ok, Treacle doesn't really need it – surprisingly there are the same amount of dog poos that I'm picking up from the lawn each morning. Have you been picking them up recently?

    Love all the hard work that you are doing over there.

    Stay safe sweet cheeks xxxxxxx


  8. Thanks Megs my precious for updating us,you have one little one missing you big time. So proud of you an amazing experience love you,love Aunty and Indi xxc

  9. P. S your fish is still alive. 😀 oh and miss uren and the older happy chap (not Mr Biddle) whoops can’t remember his name say hi and they missed you tonight. Xxxii love you.

  10. So good to see the pictures and hear what you are doing. Thomi hoping you are going well. Missing you heaps luv. Praying for you all – for sleep and strength each day and for you to see God at work.

  11. Loving your blogs and Awesome photos everyone x
    Looks like you are all making a lot of kids happy.
    Trikes look like fun transport 😀

    Mitch, Harrison missed you saying something annoying for his birthday tonight. 😂 We all miss you and talk about what you are up to every day. Love Mum x

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