Southern Hills Crew Day 6: Juxtaposed Realities

Today we woke up at 7am, had breakfast at around 7:30am (pancakes and waffles). We then headed down to the Global school and started our second coat of painting and finishing off some of the first coats. Jamie and Trevin did the final coat on the back of the stage and painted the rest of it aqua. we then made our way to the port and got on a boat and headed to the Masa Ati school in the rural area of Caticlan where we played with the kids during their lunch time and then had our own. Trevin, Jamie and Mr Puzey went to multiple hard ware stores to try find grinding disks, cutting disks for the drop saw and fuses for the DC/AC converter. They came back and had lunch later then the others and tried out all the new equipment. They realised that they bought the wrong size cutting disk for the drop saw (14 inch instead of 12 inch). However they did end up finding more equipment in the sea container at church including a 14 inch drop saw and a MIG welder.  She’ll be right. After lunch we did tutoring with the kids and played with bubbles and Emily A helped the locals do some digging. we then went back to Borocay to do the feeding programme in a community that was pretty different to where we normally go , where the girls performed a play of Noah ark that the kids really enjoyed. we then went to the local mall, which was brand new, full of expensive shops, and only a short walk from the community we helped, to get take out from the malls food courts where there was a choice of Chinese or chicken on a stick.  We then went in a van to a resort, again not far from the community, where we enjoyed a night swim in their pool and a fun game of water rugby which was boys vs girls, then headed back home for debrief and well needed rest.

By Trevin W and Emily H


painting global school stage aqua



sorting through resources at Masa ati school



tutoring Masa Ati students english and maths



Men at work



The feeding programme at the Borocay local community


3 thoughts on “Southern Hills Crew Day 6: Juxtaposed Realities

  1. Nice title! So much description of the tools haha! Its nice to see you tutoring the kids and passing on your expertise! The play sounded awesome, might have to recreate it. Who won the rugby? Keep up the photos and remember to take a lot! Our thoughts travel with you, see you soon Xxxxxx

  2. So pleased to see you working like Trojans, but don’t get tired. God will bless everything you are doing. Enjoy things as much as you can, you are doing a great work especially helping students with their literacy. Hope you are surviving the humidity reasonably well and drinking plenty of water. It is hard to realise that you are almost halfway through your trip, make the most of the time left and enjoy the many friendships you have made. They will be precious memories in the years ahead.

  3. Another great day by the sounds of it!!! Keep up the good work everyone. Hope you are all well and resting up when you can. Good to see you wrote a blog Trevin along with Emily H 😜
    Just an update from home Trevin, Zibby still looking for you and whinging so much. Our kitchen is almost painted and looks amazing. Dad and I went to Carstairs last night for dinner to celebrate Aidan’s 17th, Aidan says hi and can’t wait to see you, we had ribs for dinner.
    Enjoy the next few days…… 4 sleeps to go, not that I’m counting xxx

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