Ellenbrook Day 7 – Bubbles, Basketball and Balut

Today we woke up and had REAL FOOD. Breakfast was just a blessing in itself after consuming nothing but lugaw the day before – toast and peanut butter has never tasted so good. After breakfast, we split into our groups. Some of us went to the IRC, whilst the rest went to the school.

At the IRC, we were greeted by the beautiful children we have been making such great connections with. After bubbles and basketball, we were sent to work by Pastor Steve. This involved grating ginger for ginger tea, chopping banana flowers to create hamburger patties, gutting fish for lunch and making brooms from bamboo.

The other group enjoyed their time at Cabacungan Elementary School. We had the honour of teaching various classes. It involved educating the kids about Australia, playing games and teaching the kids “’AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE’ ‘OI OI OI’”! The Filipino students also wrote some replies to the primary students at Ellenbrook Christian College, who wrote messages beforehand. The enveloped replies contain a description of the Filipino student’s lives and a polaroid photograph of themselves. The ECC students will definitely appreciate the thoughtful responses contained within the envelope.

After lunch, we dressed in our Ellenbrook football jerseys for the basketball game, played against Cabacungan National High School. After a short look around the school, we participated in a parade which preceded the game. Due to the culture in the Philippines, it was only the boys who were allowed to play a formal game basketball. The girls played a game of volleyball. We were thrashed in both games – no surprise there, the Filipinos are incredible at sport. Following the game, we were treated like celebrities. You couldn’t turn without being asked for a selfie. Notably, Nathan and Jack gained a passionate fan – a lovely dude named Gavin 😛

We thought dinner was over – we were wrong. We headed to the church where various ingredients were cooking on the barbeque. We all sat and JT told us there would be multiple levels of… ‘food.’ We ate the ‘food’ without being told what it was, hazarding a guess as to what we were consuming. Level one: basic pork belly. Level two: large intestine of a chicken. Level three: small intestine of a chicken. Level four: chicken head. Level five: DUCK FOETUS (called Balut – apparently, it’s a local delicacy). Most of us tried everything, many of us struggled, especially with the Balut. Overall it was a… cultural experience. Really though, today was brilliant, with lots of new adventures. Will really miss this place.

Mary and Milli ❤

Replying to the comments…

Alissa: Hey Casey! I have given the kids your pictures and they LOVED them- their smiles were so big and hearts so joyful. Cannot wait to show you all the photos from this trip.

Due to internet issues we haven’t been able to upload today’s photos, we will try to get them up as soon as possible.



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  1. Looks like you guys are having fun! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip together and make lots of memories xx

  2. 9.30 in the morning here in Ireland – temperature down to +2. Brrr. Good to read all your news.The Lord is looking down you as you do the work he commanded – Love your neighbour.

  3. Looks like an amazing day! What an experience with the food… very adventurous and brave of you trying the “delicacies” 😖… Well done 👍🏻

  4. We hope you are having a wonderful time. We are enjoying reading about your adventures
    Natasha would like to know, how did all of the food taste? Jevon wants to know if the basketball went well.
    Love from year 3.2 at ECC

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