Southern Hills Day 7: Aloha Jubilee


Today we got up at the usual time and ate our fantastic breakfast at the Vista. From there we hopped in the vans and headed to a new school, Jubilee Academy. We headed up to the school Chapel and were greeted by the school’s students with dancing, songs and bracelets (many of us teared up). Our team’s girls did their bible story and it went over great. After chapel the students left and Sir Dan explained the history of constructing the school. Then we had a tour of the building and got straight to work. We formed a line that went up the staircases and began passing buckets of sand from the ground up four floors. After an hour and a half we stopped and had meriander, then headed back to the vista for lunch. After an amazing lunch of noodles garlic bread and mangoes we got ready to go out on the boat. We walked along the beach and quickly boarded our vessel, Mr Beacham stayed behind to principal. We first headed out to a beautiful spot and snorkelled, every single one of us got in and had a great time. We hopped back in and headed to a small island just off Boracay, where we walked up and saw our cliff diving destination. There were jumps from 10, 9, 7, 5 and 3 metres. We all had a blast jumping of the planks, less so swimming back to the ladders. Again we had an outstanding level of participation with everyone bar our injured few joining in. We headed back to the boat and after one more snorkelling spot we returned to the Vista. After a challenge to find our dinner at Aloha bistro and cafe, we all succeeded thankfully, we all indulged in delicious food. Then the boys and girls separated and headed to massages and a nail salon respectively. At the end everyone returned safely home to the Vista, and Mr Beacham revealed his final challenge for the day. First came the pig intestines and livers, before the big guns came out, Balut. Balut is a fertilised chicken egg. Only the most courageous of us gave the Balut a shot, Astrid, Emily, Sarah, Jamie and Josh. Then we headed to bed ready for lugaw day tomorrow.


By Jenn C, Keegan N, and Lorien H.


Children singing at Jubilee school
#Twinning, also Jazz’s face

Daniel Pillar’s view, from the top of the boat we went island hopping in
And our view of the boat

Sadly a random ruined this great shot of Jacob, we’ll just pretend that it’s Trevin
Sunset on the beach outside the Vista

Our bravest Leaders hottest faces, whilst eating Balut

7 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 7: Aloha Jubilee

  1. The eclectic food sounded great! Sounded like the warm reeption you got was a great gift. See anything interesting snorkelling? I bet the water was beautiful. Who jumped off the highest cliff? Sounds like a fun time. Pampered again, you guys are living it up! The challenge sounded awful, sorry Bree. Sarah you are a beast. Good luck for lugaw! The photos were great, nice to see all of you so happy and the views look spectacular, keep it up! Australia is fine, its cooling down so it should be a nice relief from the humidity I’m sure you’re experiencing. Lots of love and finish strong! Xxxxxx

  2. Great Blog the photos looked amazing. Thank-you to Jennifer & Keegan & Lorie. It’s lovely that you are able to go to the different types of schools and met some more amazing students. They all seem to be very happy to see you all. So pleased to see you also having a little down time,amazing experience. Love to Jennifer and everyone take care. Grandma & Grandad

  3. Thank you for a great blog Jen C.Keegan & Lorien.
    Sounds like it was an Amazing day..Snorkalling,Diving,Swimming,Restaurant food,Massages & nail Saloons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyone would think you were on holiday.Glad it’s not all work & no

  4. Love all the photos especially the #Twinning love your face Jazz so made us laugh. Glad you are all enjoying the experience both work and play. Looking forward to hearing all your stories when you return home. Enjoy your last few days and see you all very early on Saturday. Love to you all and hugs to Ben and Daniel xxxx

  5. Thank you for the great posts, sounds like another very busy but rewarding day. Looking forward to discussing all the interesting food when you return Lorien… (now you might understand Potsy…)
    Love Clinton, Joy and Eden

  6. The stage and all your painting at the school looks fantastic everyone. Thanks for the great blogs and photos …. we have evidence of your bravery — from the high jump offs into ‘dangerous’ waters to eating baby ‘almost had a life’ little chickys!! Thank goodness for the airplane sick bags hey?? You’ll enjoy and remember it all to the last. Big ‘Hi’ to Mr.Puzey and Mr Beacham and Hi hi to the second rounders.☆☆☆☆ you are all champions ☆☆☆ . Hugs and blessings. xx

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