Southern Hills Crew Day 8: To Lugaw or not to Lugaw?

We woke to what thought was the smell of Lugaw cooking instead it was a traditional Filipino dish of rice porridge with chicken (or egg for those who don’t eat meat) with spring onions, limes and garlic.

We then took a boat to the MASA Ati school where we they held an assembly in our honour and performed traditional dances and we reciprocated with a Didgeridoo performance and bible story. They were no shortage of tears when we said our goodbyes and they handed us necklace and thank you letters. The majority of us then departed for the final time to head to the nearby river to indulge in some swimming, rope swinging and karaoke. Our lunch was chicken (or corn) and rice (still not Lugaw on ‘Lugaw day’) Some of us remained behind at the school to finish some much needed work. Mr Puzey, Trevin, and Jamie worked hard to put windows in for the Ati children.

Returning to Boracay the rest of us headed to Global school to madly finish the painting that so desperately needed to be done. To thank us for our hard work the school prepared for us a delicious meal of pasta with a side of fresh bakery bread, foiling Mr Beacham’s plan of a dinner of Lugaw. Mr Beacham chose to honour the local culture and graciously accepted the food/his fate and allowed us to indulge. Painting until after the sun had set we finished to our satisfaction.

For our night activity we had a choice of Jonah’s for milkshakes, Starbucks or a massage. (We choose Jonah’s and enjoyed a enjoyable walk down the beach in mostly great company. Only mostly as there was mishap with the drinks resulted in some of the boys drinking ours and us having to wait for replacements.) Getting up at 4am tomorrow and heading to Manila so we are getting our clothes to donate. Bianca donated a poncho.

We asked Sarah 3 for a pun to include she said ‘No’

By Breeanna M, Daniel, and Ben Yerby

P.S. We are excited to be home soon and I am glad to not have to write any more blog posts with Ben and Daniel

Saying goodbye to MASA Ati
Getting photos to remember the great times.


We indulged in the first part. Not the second.
Last minute painting at Global.
Getting close to completion.
Late night walk for our last night.

10 thoughts on “Southern Hills Crew Day 8: To Lugaw or not to Lugaw?

  1. Congratulations on finishing all your work!!! Safe travels and enjoy your last few days. Have fun in Manila.
    Trevin, dad and I are so very proud of you and missing you like crazy!! We love you so much, definitely on the home stretch now, 2 more sleeps xxx

  2. Back at it again with the Trouble Trios writing. Bree what was with the Shakespeare? Also, be nice to the twins. Only you would point out the fact you didnt get drunk. Glad to see that you didnt have to endure Lugaw at its fullest, to the disappointment of our caring principal. The goodbyes sounded heartfelt, cherish the memories! Dunno what rope swinging is but karoke sounded like fun! Hope you enjoyed the milkshakes and pasta. At least you have finished all your hard work. So proud of you all. Thats early but enjoy manila and shopping! I hope your donations are plentiful and put to good use. Glad to see Sarah is still as uncooperative as ever 🙂 love the photos, miss you but home soon so relax and breathe it in. Safe and happy travels, sincerely the lonely yet awesome seventh wheel Xxxxxx

  3. So happy that you all had such a good trip. Jennifer hope you didn’t cry too much. Take care and safe journey home and a big thank-you to all for the love and support you have given each other to make it such a memorable experience. Love Grandma & Grandad

  4. All your blogs have been brilliant.We are very pleased to be brought up-to-date each day with your news.Have a safe journey home.
    Thank you all.G & G.B.

  5. I am glad you have all had this amazing opportunity but selfishly admit that I am very excited that you are all coming home soon, you have been missed 🙂 Enjoy your time left and make some more memories.

    Love to you all and safe travels XO

    PS Bree, Daniel and Ben I will be expecting regular entertaining blogs on your next trip as you have now set an expectation.

  6. What an adventure you guys have had ….Looking forward to seeing you Jake , you look knackered but I bet you have had a awesome time travels ..we all send our love ( esp Sophia )

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