Southern Hills Crew Day 9: Goodbye Boracay, Hello Manila!

Notice: To give the kids a bit of a break, we’ll be hearing thoughts from some of the leaders over the next couple of days. Mr Puzey will be taking today’s post. 

The alarm was set for four o’clock this morning. Surprisingly there was little concern from the crew …. just another challenge in a week of firsts.

The boys were packed and ready right on time this morning,…. perhaps another first!!.. and we then said our goodbyes to the wonderful staff at Vista. In particular we thanked the house manager we call Arti before taking our last ride in the little transport vans to the wharf. Paying our exit tax and joining the “tourist” queue was somewhat of a change after a week of day tripping like a local.

We also parted company with Dan Beaver who runs the First Love ministries on Boracay. I’m pretty sure he offered us all a job and encouraged us to return to serve again another day, something many of the students seem to intend to do.

Another first was watching the sun rise from the still water of the short passage between Boracay and Caticlan. All week we have had a western outlook with the hills behind the house blocking any views of the rising sun…… oh and we were usually asleep.

The trip to Manila was in a modern jet and we were on the ground in the capital in about an hour. A far cry from the 10 hour boat trip we took on our way in to the Philippines. Our accomodation in Manila was not available until late in the day so a big chunk of our time was spent at the Mall of Asia today after dropping off our bags.

We are now all fresh and clean…ish in our rooms catching up on our rest. We enjoyed a food shopping challenge at the local version of Woolworths where “Sir Paul” as the locals call him gave us a tight budget to buy our own in room dining service. Tuna, crackers, fruit and chocolate featured prominently on many menus.

It has been a pleasure to work with your youngsters and reconnect with students both past and present this week. You as parents are to be congratulated for the fine job you have done in raising such capable and positive hearted young adults.

We will be home soon!!!!

God Bless

“Sir Scott”

Scott Puzey.

Our last Boracay Sunset for 2017
Manila City
The view from our hotel


7 thoughts on “Southern Hills Crew Day 9: Goodbye Boracay, Hello Manila!

  1. Great Blog Mr Puzey. We would like to thank-you and Mr Beachan for the wonderful duty of care of Jennifer and the rest of the students. I am sure Jennifer and the others will probably want to go again next year as the older leaders. The memories of this trip will certainly remain with them . Take care and safe journey home. Love Grandma & Grandad Cartwright

  2. Hi Mr Puzey

    It sounds as though you’ve had an awesome trip too. It was great to see you as part of this group.

    Thank you for taking such great care of our cherubs. I have no doubt that they have learned so much from all of the leaders.

    Safe travels to you all. Jamie if you get a chance please pick up a small gift for your Nana. We are all missing you – even Bozo. See you soon xox

  3. To Mr Puzey, Mr Beacham and Team Leaders
    Thankyou for your time, energy, knowledge and care that you have given to our son Trevin and the group throughout this journey. We as Trevin’s parents are forever grateful. I hope you all have time for a bit of rest too.
    Thankyou for the blogs that have been mind blowing, inspirational and such detail to keep us up to date, in some way it feels that we as parents have been on the journey with you all.
    We are looking forward to seeing you all.
    Trevin, if you get time sweetheart remember the family that I asked you buy a gift for, please get them something.
    So very proud of you all, can’t wait to see you Trevin xxxx

  4. Dear Mr Puzey, thank you for the great blog. Thank you to Mr Beacham and all the team for the commitment and service you have poured into this ministry.

    Our prayer is that the seeds you have helped to plant will bear fruit in ways we could only begin to imagine.

    We’ve loved following your adventures and we’re so grateful to you all for looking after Astrid and the rest of the crew. May you be abundantly blessed.

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Especially Astro-girl :p

  5. It must have been hard to say goodbye but thats how you know you’ve enjoyed it. Was nice to hear from the adults haha. At least you guys can go back in the future and help out if you want to. Noo 10 hours? Hope none of you were seasick. Ah hills everywhere huh? Its good to know that youve helped others and theyve helped you. I’d like to thank the staff and leaders for taking care of my crew, they’re pretty hopeless by themselves. The feast sounded classy, hope the shopping went well and you all got gifts for yourselves to remember this time. No need to thank me, I have taught them well and raised them to be almost as great as myself. The photos were informative and great as usual, and this blog has been brill. Safe travels with minimal puking and I’ll see you soon where you shall relive it over again! Xxxxxx

  6. Mr Beacham, Mr Puzey and all the Leaders thank you so very much for giving our young adults this amazing experience. We can’t thank you all enough for all your care and encouragement and pushing some way out of their comfort zone. Safe travels home we can’t wait to hear all your stories. Mr Beacham thank you for all your hard work in making this such a successful tri. Xx

  7. Travel safe and we will see you all tomorrow morning. A BIG thank you for Mr Beacham, Mr Puzey and all the other staff/young leaders who have made this possible for our youth to experience. Mr Beacham you are truly one very special gentleman may gods blessings be with you and your family when you get home. xx

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