How Swan students can get their hands on some trip photos

Hi Team,

I’m sure you are all dying to get access to the photos we took on the trip.  I am hoping to have them all available on Monday ready to be transferred to you all.  If you can bring a hard drive, memory stick or SD card to school I will do my best to get it back to you as soon as possible.  The photos I currently have clock in at about 13GB so I am hoping the remaining photos will bring the size to about 16GB.  It is therefore important that you hand me a storage device that has at least 16GB of space left on it.  Could you also make sure your name is on the storage device.  I will contact you when the device is ready to be collected.  If you have another family member still at the school ask them to drop the device at my office (next to room N12).

Greg Beacham.

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