Issues returning to ‘normal’ life

Hello Parents,

It has been over 24 hours now since your children have returned from the Philippines and you may start to see the cracks appearing in what was a tired, but excited, child that was returned to you early on Saturday morning.  You may see signs of depression, anger, loss or just general strange behaviour.  If this is the case it is probably due to the changes in routine that were established over the last week and a half.  It can be quite difficult going from waking up and having a group of friends around you and your day structured in such a way that you are expected to interact with people all day to coming home where things are quite different.  It may show up as a sense of loss over the friendships that your child has so diligently built up during our time away.  However it manifests itself just realise that it will pass and you may have to spend a bit of time guiding them through it.  Although we have done our best to prepare your kids for re-entry to Australian life, if anyone needs someone to talk to about this (Parent or Student) please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of us and we will do our best to support you and guide you through what can be a tough time.  Can I also suggest reading the article about re-entry stress which can be found on the leavers2leaders website in the debriefing section

Thank you once again for entrusting us with your wonderful children.  They really were an amazing group and reflected the excellent job you have done raising them to become thoughtful and caring young adults.


Greg Beacham, Dave Pitman and Rachel Thyer.

4 thoughts on “Issues returning to ‘normal’ life

  1. Thank you for providing this experience. Joshua has relayed some of his experiences and expresses his thanks for your support throughout. I think you may have a repeat offender.

  2. Thank you. Just lots and lots and lots of snoozing, What a fitting end to Braydens 12 years at Swan. It encapsulated everything we hoped that his schooling would achieve. Not only allowing him to accomplish the academic pursuits he chose but to do so with a servant heart. Swan teachers have provided pasterol care second to none and have modelled how to lead a great life, leaving everything and everybody a little bit better than they way we find them. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you. We are truly blessed.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jodie. It was so nice having one of my PC students from year 7-9 on the trip. Brayden has grown a lot since then in both stature and character. Hope he rests up well after a week and a half of hard work.
      Greg Beacham.

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