Four Months To Go!


Hello to all supporters of Leavers2Leaders!

With the mid-year break of us, it is a good time to reflect upon the work that has been done previously, but also to look forward to what 2018 hold for our travelling groups.

Our trip will leave Perth in November and we are expecting a travelling group of more than 50 people this year.


We welcome South Coast Baptist for the first time this year in 2018 who will be travelling to see our good friend Dan Beaver in Boracay and work with the indigenous school there.  Andy Price is the leader of the group from South Coast and he has experience in travelling to the Philippines.

“Blessed are those believe without seeing” comes to mind, with the Year 12’s from South Coast based solely on the testimony of Mr Price’s previous visits to the Philippines.

In June 2018, two Filipino teachers came to visit South Coast and meet the students who will be travelling to see their community.

It was a great moment and we are excited with the addition of South Coast to our team of travelers.



This joint team will journey to the highlands of Cabacungan to build a number of shower/toilet blocks for the community there.  Highlights of Cabacungan will be the natural spring falls, the volcanic vista and the excellent hospitality of Beulah Land and Pastor Day’s team.



The Swan team will continue their great work with Brother Bert’s Purok Bangkal community.  Since visiting this community for the first time in November 2014, the Swan team of Rachel Thyer, David Pitman and Greg Beacham have won Australian Embassy grants for a fish-drying facility, built numerous shower facilities and worked hard to begin building a road that was completed by the local government workers earlier this year – free of charge!


This year we hope to continue the tradition of taking donations across to these communities and the contributions from our local schools, bible studies and churches is always gratefully appreciated.  Please contact the representatives at each school if you have items that you think might be helpful.  For 2018 already we have a number of sewing machines (heavy!) and some clothing for the communities that we are involved with.

We are always grateful to Singapore Airlines for the extra baggage allowance that they grant us and we look forward to continuing this great relationship with them in 2018.

Please hold up the trip in prayer to your friends and family as study schedules get tighter and busy term starts up again soon.



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  1. Thank you for keeping me in the loop.💜 …. wonderful to know help and encouragement for those communities is still strong and so many hands will continue to make good hinges happen . God bless each one.

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