Ellenbrook Day 1 – Off to a Bumpy Start…


The journey has begun…

We arrived at Perth International airport at 10:30pm on Friday night, full of excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead of us. Our first flight was at 1am (Yay!!!) to Singapore and this is where the fun began. Our stomachs were churning and twisting, as the plane experienced sudden turbulence toward the end of the long flight…  Many were feeling very unwell, except for Dudley of course. 😉

In Singapore, we were able to relax in the transit lounge, where we caught up on the sleep that we missed due to the turbulence. We jumped on our next flight to Manila after some well deserved rest.

With the flight delays in the hectic terminal at Manila we were relieved to finally board our last flight. The city lights in the evening of Bacolod were an amazing view after our short flight from Manila.

Our highlight was definitely going to the Salay Chicken House to have the long anticipated ‘chicken-on-a-stick’.

And boy were we not disappointed!

As we munched on our food, Pastor Gary’s nephew blessed us with his amazing voice and some familiar songs. We didn’t hesitate to join in with the songs and give a standing ovation.

A great way to end our first day.

  • Kaitlyn & Tiah

8 thoughts on “Ellenbrook Day 1 – Off to a Bumpy Start…

  1. Awesome blog and photos. It is so good to see all of your smiling faces especially after reading about your adventurous journey there!!! What a great first night you have had and it sounds like some wonderful memories have already been made.
    P.S. Tiah: Chicken on a stick at last!!!

  2. Glad you made it all safely! Looking forward to this blog for the next couple of weeks. I am reminded of chicken on a stick now- will have to go an order some! Big hugs Alissa x

  3. Fantastic news. Wonderful pics and keep the entertaining story telling of daily adventures alive. Love and snuggles to you all. Jen, Buttons, Daisy and Elaine and Billy!!

  4. I’m glad you’ve arrived safely! Have the best time and take it all in! Super jealous of all of you 😁, can’t wait to read about more of your wonderful adventure!

  5. Wonderful to hear you all arrived safely, it sounds like the adventure has well and truly begun. Having the opportunity to interact with the communities will be a great opportunity and a blessing for you. Look, listen, learn and make the most of your time in the Philippines. I look forward to following your progress.

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