Southern Hills Day 1: On the Go

Today started by landing in Singapore. We got to see what Singapore airport was like, it was nice and a bit fancy. We all looked forward to relaxing in the lounge and catching up on some more sleep and having some food before our next flight.

It was really good to see how a big group of kids and teachers travelled together and build bonds with people we wouldn’t normally be close with. So far it has been a great experience.

The plane rides today were long, and everyone is feeling tired after the long day of travelling but the plane ride was a lot smoother than the overnight one, so most were able to have some rest and enjoy the on-flight entertainment.

We had dinner at Chicken Inasal for dinner, the food was delicious. We had Pastor Gary’s nephew sing some songs for us whilst we ate our dinner. He was amazing and it cheered everyone up after the travelling all day.

As we travelled back through all the streets to the hotel it was opening to see how different the poverty and the land is to Australia, even the smell is different, it has really sunk in how more things become unexpected and the more things you miss home and think of the things we take for granted over there. and as each day comes along on each trip we have to prepare ourselves for what is going to happen, take the experience in and have fun.

Also to Kandy, Guy and all the boys I miss you all so much but I’m having the best time so far. Love you all heaps.


By Monique and Georgina.


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  1. We are glad you are having a great time. We love you moons but are enjoying the quiet jk. Treasure every moment and memory. Love you xxxxxx

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