Swan Day 1 – Saturday 17th

Our journey to the Philippines started yesterday at 10:30pm. We said goodbye to our families and tried to make our way through customs, however we found strapping tap can be easily mistaken for explosives. After surviving the explosive strapping tape and the inability to keep liquids out of travels bags, we marched our way to gate 50, eagerly waiting to board our plane to Singapore. However this was the start of the delaying plane trend for the day, but this left us with the opportunity to bond through playing Mafia and other entertaining card games. The first plane ride was a rough and bumpy ride to say the least. Flying directly through a storm brought fierce wind turbulences, seeing students almost losing their breakfast through multiple ways. Despite the midflight encounters the leavers to leaders team landed safety at Singapore at 6:30 in the morning, with many fond and enjoyable memories.

The next part of journey began with tired and restless students slowly making their way to the ambassadors lounge where the card games were played in-between much needed coffees and morning tea. Before we knew it the time came to board the flight to Manilla and we were in the sky enjoying the view above the clouds. Thankfully we didn’t come face to face with any storms this flight and were we able to experience some of the Asian cuisine. With a smooth landing in Manilla we were off to change our currency and indulge in Filipino sweets after making our way through a different style of customs.

Eventually boarded our final plane which took us to Bacolod, where we were kindly greeted by Pastor Gary Visitacion, who thoughtfully organized all the events on the island for us. After some phots we left for dinner in a jeepney for the Chicken house. We were able to enjoy a delicious chicken on a stick rice meal with BBQ pork skewers added to by a very talent young Filipino musician. We left for the hotel and through this small trip we were able to see a glimpse into the Fillipino life.

We miss you mum! Love the Oby’s (Kobe and Toby)


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  1. Awesome blog boys, was half expecting to see the actual stats of each plane you’ve been on courtesy of “OJ Husla” let him know we tracked the flight all the way. Stay safe team
    The Lyons 🤗

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