Southern Hills Day 2: Climatising

Today was an early wake up or a sleep in as Mr Beacham calls it, at 7am in the morning. We had a really good breakfast, rice and brisket meat, before heading off to the church in Jembees. We all really enjoyed the Jembee ride.

Sitting through the church service was really cool, afterwards we walked around, handed out our Aussie souvenirs and interacted with the locals. We had an awesome jamming session with the musicians it was great to share a love for music.

Then we went to the local theme park. Along the way we got a sense of idea of what the community is like and where we will be.

The theme park was awesome! We had a buffet lunch for our hungry tummies, there was rice (of course), pork belly bites, cheese pastry sticks, beef and spaghetti.

After lunch we explored some of the statues at the theme park! We got some really wicked photos, and there was such a variety of different things you wouldn’t expect. There were gigantic dinosaurs that were very detailed, King Kong dressed as Santa, an enormous razor and lots more.

We went for a swim in the wave pool, the locals get really excited by the waves. Us Aussies are so tall the water was only up to our chest in the deepest part.

After the swim we left to go back to the hotel and had some much needed rest before dinner. Most of us napped the entire time!

We went to the Hong Kong Kitchen at the Mall for dinner. We ordered a selection of shared dishes. The spring rolls, fried and sweet and sour pork were the favourites! We had a quick trip to the supermarket to get water and dessert. As we left we had a group photo with the Santa and bought matching love heart sunnies! Mr Beacham loves his pink heart sunnies.

We are looking forward to getting into some hard work tomorrow.

Shout out to Grams, Mum, Dad, Tayla, and the rest of the kiddies, missing you heaps, I’m still having fun here. Can’t wait to see you guys again. Love Nat xx

p.s. Where the internet allows, we’ll try to send a couple of photos to the College’s Instagram story. Follow us @southernhillschristiancollege

4 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 2: Climatising

  1. Hi Bianca, great to see you are catching up on your sleep! Looks like everybody is enjoying themselves, keep up the great work. Hope to see more photos in coming days. Take care, love Mum and dad

  2. Hi Nat Nat. Looks like you are all having an amazing time. Living all the photos. We miss you very much. Can not wait to hear about all your adventures soon. Love Mum, Dad and tribe xxx

  3. Hi all!
    We’ve really enjoyed reading your blog! We especially loved all the photos.
    Hope you are having the most amazing time. We’re praying for you guys! 🙂
    Cheynika says hi to Nat!
    Everyone says a big hi to Miss Parkes!
    Year 6 Class

  4. Hi really good to hear how you are doing and that you got there safely with all the EXTRA Luggage. Praying that all goes well Beckenham Bible study ladies

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