Swan Day 2 – Sunday 18th

We started the morning off by waking up at 7am which was a nice sleep in considering our lack of sleep due to the plane trips. After smashing a good breakfast (PS Jai and Joel are doing a culture challenge where they eat all food without the use of cutlery and yes, we used hand sanitizer. Will keep you posted on how this challenge goes.)

We headed off to His Life Church for an awesome service. At the end of the service we all sang Waltzing Matilda to the congregation, led by the one and only main dawg Davo, woof woof (Mr Pitman did not approve this comment). The morning tea time afterwards was a great way to socialize with the local Christians and make balloon animals for the kids.

A fun forty-five minute drive to an overrated theme park found us amused by the unusual attractions. Kungfu panda statues, snowmen with guns and a King Kong dressed like Santa taking a selfie are just a few of these unique attractions. Our group then drove back to our hotel where we had two hours for our own leisure, some deciding to catch up on sleep, while others played card games or watched TV. After this break we walked to The Robinsons Mall for a pizza dinner at Pizza Hut and some treats for dessert. Although a cruisy day, most people are still exhausted so will hit the hay after packing our bags as we are leaving early for Cabacungan tomorrow.

This was ya boiz Joely and the good guy Jai who once swallowed a fly through his eye while sniffing a pie.


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