South Coast Day 2 – The Forgotten People

Woke up Sunday morning feeling refreshed and great since it was the first best sleep we have gotten since the 20 hours of travelling. After breakfast at the dining hall of the compound we started the travel to Pastor Pete’s wonderful church were we had an awesome sermon. There were a couple of “Christian dogs” that decided to walk around inside the little church whilst the sermon was going on. We jumped into the vans after saying goodbye to the people at the church and there was amazing chicken and rice meals waiting for us before we were taken 30mins east to a small remote village in the middle of a tropical forest.

We then had to hike half an hour up a mountain to get to a basketball court that was surrounded by small huts and we helped with feeding programs, medical care, and of course, a game of intense basketball where one of our own leavers (Maria) ended up stacking it on the basketball court and needed our medical attention for a scratched arm.

After the time in the small village we got lots of photos with the people and they were incredibly kind and respectful towards us. We ended up saying our goodbyes and then we started the long trek back to the vans through the tropical jungle, during the van ride home we grabbed the Bluetooth speakers and blasted great songs and sang along all the way back to the jetty, after a stressful couple of minutes we got the tickets and made our way to the dodgy boat with a rickety plank that we had to walk across to get to the boat. We arrived back in Boracay and we came back to faith village for dinner which consisted of noodles, fish (with large teeth which was really off putting), salad, chicken and rice.

After dinner we got our bathers on and headed to the beach where we enjoyed frisbee, flips in the water and watched the sun set on another amazing day in Boracay.

After the sunset we went for a little walk around the streets and saw lots of awesome shops, the boys were looking for a Hawaiian styled shirt whilst Andy (our teacher) was getting distracted by “you got a friend” by James Taylor and we started singing and dancing out the front of a random cafe/restaurant. We grabbed mango shakes and started heading back to the house, as we were walking back to the residence it started raining like crazy so we took cover in a near by KFC where we had ice cream and waited out the rain.

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