Ellenbrook Day 2 -Wake up call

Maayong Aga (Good Morning),

Today we were woken up by a 7:00am wake up call, it gave us a quite a shock from our well needed rest. Showered and headed downstairs for a ready made breakfast of rice, beef and egg, with the rest of the crew from Swan and Southern Hills. (Dudley loved this meal!!) After this hearty breakfast, we took a short trip to His Life Church for a Sunday service in the Philippines.

The program was long, but definitely worth listening to, people told their testimonies and we sang and prayed together. Afterwards we talked to the Filipinos in the church, and got to ask them questions and vice versa. They treated us to some very nice morning tea, which we enjoyed while we made conversation.

Next we headed off to Campuestohan Highland Resort for a swim or just exploring the theme park. As we got there we were received with a lovely lunch, that we all ate a lot of.  Pastor Gary taught us some customs about sitting down to eat with others. Such as teachers being served first, then women, then men. After our meal and a look around the resort, the owner gave us a tour of an old mill that had been renovated into a guesthouse as well letting us walk across a suspended bridge (Dudley was a little afraid of the height).

Headed back home for a well needed recharge for a few hours, watching sumo wrestlers on TV and ended up learning a few things. then took a short walk to Robinsons Mall for some dinner and snacks for our trip tomorrow to Cabacungan! We adopted a student from Mundaring Christian College into our group and spent some time debriefing together before we headed off to sleep.

Sophie and Dorinda

(Good luck Year 11’s with your exams!! You are going to smash them)


9 thoughts on “Ellenbrook Day 2 -Wake up call

  1. Enjoy your visit and activities, we are praying for you and even though we miss you, we know this is an important part of your individual life journeys….big hugs..🤜🤜.
    Mark’s mum…

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! Certainly better than sitting your English exam today. 😉 Enjoy it all, guys.

  3. For great is His lobe towards us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures for ever.
    Psalm 117:2
    Enjoy your day!

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