South Coast Day 3 – Jubilee

We started off the day with our last breakfast in the ministry and then headed straight to the local elementary school on Boracay. We split into two groups and began our invigorating day of tutoring and construction. The tutoring consisted of teaching years 1-3 simple math equations, memory games and reading the children’s favourite books in the schools library. The other half of the group rendered, plastered and painted the new floor (level 3) of the school, so when we all get our atar scores back, at least we will all be able to take up plastering as a career if it goes badly.

We then headed over to a small village 30 minutes away and made balloon animals and pipe-cleaner jewelry for the kids. We then began distributing the food and vitamins before teaching the kids how to skip with a super large rope. After some hesitation, all of the kids were joining in and having fun with the whole team. Dani and Ralph became fully qualified doctors as they gave medical help to the locals in the village. Absolute champions.
Once the kids came out of their shells, they were very reluctant to us leaving. After many hugs and sad goodbyes, we had to leave 😦

When we got home we began the most heated game of Presidents and Scumbags with 2 decks of cards where we quickly discovered how useless Ralph is with dealing and shuffling, but we also discovered he has the worlds best German accent (although this didnt help with his card skills unfortunately).

Also turns out when Luke put on make up, he became the prettiest girl in the team.

And then i began writing this blog. Pretty good i reckon.

PS- dani says “Love you Big Craigo”

and we’re also extremely salty about the level of replies and comments we’ve had so far….do you even still care about us? come on guys lift your game. – “drops mic”


10 thoughts on “South Coast Day 3 – Jubilee

  1. Looks like you are all having a great time and doing wonderful work…..keep the photos coming…it’s great to be able to follow your adventures. Xx ( The Desmond Family)

  2. Fantastic job you guys!! Constructive, caring and community engaging – awesome. And I hope your having some time to spend on your own small leavers parties! Big Craigo and the Big Craigo family are very impressed! Keep up the good work guys!!

  3. I didn’t think Sully wanted her mum to post anything that would embarrass her. But now you’re just begging me to. A challenge too good to pass up.
    Loving the blog ! You are all doing awesome work there and making a real difference to the lives of the people you meet. I hope you are having fun too.
    Keep up the good work xxx

  4. So glad you are all having a great time. It is such an experience for you all. Luke- makeup ??? Where is the photo haha xxx

  5. GUYS!!! How fun! More pics!! More, more, more. Keep the stories and hilarious moments coming team. Ralph, you will learn to shuffle one day.
    Stay safe, love you all ya big boofy ex Year 12’s! Pricey hope your still getting some CrossFit in 😉 Ebs we miss yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!!! Phoebes xxxxx

  6. Hi Guys, so proud of all the work you have been doing. Tash I noticed your drawing skills on the photo today, but please don’t hide from the camera that’s the only one your in! we are enjoying your posts and pictures, missing you.. MUM

  7. WOW!!! Amazing photos. You guys are making us all VERY proud! Ben – what’s with the sudden interest in modelling, how is it that I can never get you in a photo!! that amazing hair-do just loves the camera 🙂 Loving reading about your adventures..Keep it coming! Missing you, Mum. xx

  8. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time. Love the pictures and commentary. Very proud of the work everyone is doing. Hopefully the little girl who Brodie helped with her bracelet / balloon was not disappointed in his craft / knot tying skills 🙂

  9. The time and care you’re giving is a treasure. Really great to hear about the action so far and see photos. Keisha did you get on the plane? Stick your head in a photo please. xMum and Cam

    1. Hey Carmen,

      Keisha is on a different blog. This one is for the Students of South Coast Baptist College. 🙂

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