Swan – Day 3

We woke up 6:30 and started the morning with some good ol Spongebob. Then we realized we had lost track of time so had to get ready quick to be downstairs for breakfast at 7. We had an interesting breakfast of sausage and rice. At 7:30 we all tried to fit into the bus, but ended up almost losing the feeling in all our legs because we were that squished. The first stop was the mayor’s office then we went to the high school in La Carlota. Here we were practically celebrities because everyone was screaming at us and asking for photos. Here’s where Toby’s alter ego named Tony came out and he basically became a Filipino icon. I think he may have left with a few wives (some of them lady men.) We took another squishy bus ride up the mountains where the views made up for the discomfort. We arrived at where we would be staying for the next 5ish days. We then walked to IRC where we met the community and got to know everyone. Then we got home and had dinner where we finally had vegetables and then we finished the night off with some killer karaoke. Shout out to Mark’s beatboxing. Overall it was great to discover more of the Philippines, experience the different culture and see how our lives differ from those of the people here. It really shows how much we take for granted.

Amy and Amber

4 thoughts on “Swan – Day 3

  1. It’s lovely to see you all having so much fun. Amber i miss you dearly and stop hiding from all the photo’s ( I’m on to you 😘)
    It’s so hard not being able to send a message .Thank goodness for the awesome blogs. Miss you love Mum,Dad,Nan,Pop,Luke,Callum and Anna xxxx😘😘Miss you also Amy hehe

  2. Dear Tony,

    I would like to advise that I have reviewed the budget and there are no available funds for one overseas wedding let alone multiple weddings so get back to work!! 🙂

    Seriously, the blogs and photo’s are great. It looks like you are having a fabulous time. Loving reading what you are all getting up too and seeing the smiling faces of everyone.

    Love M, D & A

  3. Dear Tony

    How are the lady-men going. And all the wives. I have decided being your sister that you are to young to get married so don’t you hunk about it.

    Dear Kobe

    My really brother. Missing you heaps and can’t wait to see you soon. Love you to the moon and back and hoping you are having a fantastic time.

    Love Tika the best sister in the world

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