Ellenbrook : Day 4- Workin’ 9 to 5!!!

Today we woke up and had a lovely breakfast of French toast and mango!!! One of our Swan friends (Morgan) hadn’t had French toast before, and she soon had 3 pieces and now loves it. Mr Beacham then informed us that school was cancelled due to weather (don’t worry only rain), so we did not go and mingle with the students. However much to our excitement, we went back to the IRC and got to see the kids again.

Our first labour task for the day was raking dried sugar cane leaves with a natural-built bamboo rake. Pastor Steve asked us to form multiple lines of dried sugar cane leaves to be burnt by fire. The IRC kids were happy to help us rake and gave us our water bottles when they could see that we were tired. Exhaustion was soon to be gone when we found out that to do this work we would be paid 120 pesos per day. ($3.20)  With this new mindset, we gained perseverance to continue our task and finish it.

Walked back to our lovely home, where lunch was waiting for us. The topic of conversation was the amount of scratches and sores we got from moving the sugar cane. (Don’t use anti-bacterial wipes on these, it STINGS!!!) We trekked it back to the IRC to help with moving the actual sugar cane up a hill, for it to be taken away and manufactured. It defiantly pushed us all, in knowing how strong our shoulders and necks are. We had to bundle the sugar cane up, and carry it up a rocky hill on our shoulders. The rain was in our favour as it cooled us down and wiped away our sweat. Overall, we all got to appreciate the hard work of the Filipinos. We moved enough sugar cane to fill about two trucks, that saved the farm workers a huge amount of time.

After our hard work, we walked from the IRC to a Springs Water Area to wash some of our clothes. We were given powdered soap to scrub out the dirt from our clothes. The locals taught us how to wash our clothes, making the process way faster. We were able to relax and swim in the after to end our hard day of work.

At home, we were pleased to have dinner made by Aunt Dina. We were in heaven when the desert was put on the table. It was a mango float of condensed milk and graham cracker. It was definitely our favourite desert so far!

For our night activity, the boys and girls split into two different groups. The girls were blessed to have a massage from local Filipino ladies. All of us walked out feeling relaxed and less tense. The boys gathered in their room to have a faith filled talk. It was a great relaxing finish to a day of sweat and hard work.

Tiah & Sophie

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  1. Looks like you are putting in some serious effort. Keep up the good work and give Aunty Dinah a big hug from me. Tell her I am missing her good food and delicious desserts.

  2. So good to see the amazing things you’re all doing. Also, someone needs to get the recipe for the mango dessert, it’s too good! 🙂

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