South Coast – Day 4 – Ati People

This morning, we were woken up at 6:00am to the warning of a possible typhoon! oh and also for breakfast which included delicious french toast and of course rice. We got ready and shot off to the port to get onto a ferry to head to the mainland (Cataclan), where we visited the MASA Ati School which is a school for the indigenous people of The Philippines. This was an amazing experience for all of us as it was something that we would never do back home. We did loads of activities with and without the kids, these included; painting, tutoring and sport (mainly crossfit, thanks Mr Price).

Ben, Natasha, Ralph and Mr Price tutored a variety of ages, ranging from 6-19 years old. While they were tutoring those students the others started on painting the second story of one of the buildings. At 11:30am we all went into the kitchen and helped the staff feed all the students some rice, squash and green beans. We all gave a helping hand when giving the students their food, Brodie really came into his element and started carrying four plates of food all at once. After lunch Brodie, Luke, Natasha and Ralph started a game of basketball with the grade fours. They got flogged, Brodie quickly adopted the nickname Stephen Curry because he was just sinking buckets left and right, Ralph was the air ball master, Natasha was the secret shooter and Luke was the handle king of the court. While the others were painting each other more then the walls they ended up finishing the the room that needed painting.

After hours of basketball and painting, we left and visited an Ati tribe where, like yesterday, we blew balloon swords (Espada) and dogs (Aso), and made glasses and bracelets using pipe cleaners. We also met the chief’s wife who welcomed us with open arms even though she had an 8 month old in her lap. After singing songs and praying, we handed out bread rolls to the children and gave the leftovers to the elder.

After visiting this community, we adventured back to the van which took us to the ferry and back to Boracay. During all the car rides Ben was pumping the tunes while everyone challenged themselves to sing louder than the speaker. By far, Luke was the best singer of them all with his beautiful high-pitched tone, hitting every note there was. There were also some shocking singers such as Ralph and Ben but Luke made up for it.

We will keep you updated on all that happens in the near future.

Oh, and Natasha said she’ll try her best to get into more photos!

This blog was written by Brodie and Luke! No wonder it’s so good.

5 thoughts on “South Coast – Day 4 – Ati People

  1. Wow! That’s cool what you guys are doing! Love your work and may God continue to bless and protect! Mr W

  2. No wonder Luke said he was a good singer, it couldn’t have been anyone else saying it because at home he is horrid! ahhaha

  3. Hi Guys you are all doing an awesome job, looks nice there actually, Tash is an awesome decorator by the way so don’t be scared to give her some hard work, Haha! miss you, love you Tash, keep up the good work and most importantly enjoy yourselves.

  4. Hi everyone, sounds like another action packed day!! I’m tired just following along and reading about all your activities.
    I hope you guys are being extra kind to Andy and Ebony – they are not used to your collective charm, wit and awesome musical talents ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT.
    TTFN xo

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