Today we started our day right by doing yoga (under Kaitlyn’s instruction) on the grass with the view of the Philippines’s most researched Volcano. We then walked the 1km to the IRC along the main road. We passed kids smiling and waving, a buffalo in a stunning rice field and a girl singing Karaoke.

We spent the first part of the morning at the orphanage with the kids giving piggy backs, making secret handshakes and playing “Duck, duck, goose” or as the locals say “Patoo, patoo, manuk”.

The next few hours were spent on an open field. We used ‘rakes’ (which were really pieces of bamboo with a hook on the end) to move dried up sugar cane leaves into long rows to be burned. The kids from the orphanage showed us how to eat the raw sugar cane and once we got over the strange idea of biting into a stick, the sugar cane was actually a nice snack.

After lunch we made our way to a field of freshly cut sugar cane. Here we helped carry piles of sugar cane on our shoulders up a rocky hill. We were closely watched by a friendly family of goats and the locals who seemed to find our struggles quite amusing.

We all walked away from the fields today with many cuts and scratches but outshining the pain was our intense sense of satisfaction and a new appreciation for how easy what we consider ‘a day’s work’ actually is. With our help the farmers were able to complete weeks worth of work in a few hours. We felt especially lucky when we learned that the workers spend all day doing this work only to earn around $3, enough to buy just two eggs.

Later in the afternoon we headed to a nearby stream to do our laundry. (Yes Mum we actually did our own laundry, although Devlin seemed to struggle.) With the help of the kids (who were much more experienced than us) we hand washed our clothes. The local kids then joined us as we swam in the small dam.

After dinner Mr Beacham made the surprise announcement that all the girls that wanted to were receiving full body massages. Amber found this experience particularly amusing. The ladies were slightly worried about the many scratches on our bodies (especially Natasha’s).

Today was eyeopening experience and we are looking forward to seeing what the next few days throw at us.

Madi (AKA Nadi) and Anneke (AKA Anni)







  1. Hello Swannies, great to read your stories and the things you have been doing. Thank you for taking time to post. I notice the photos show the girls working hard….boys?? Perhaps you were all helping Devlin with his laundry? Funny enough that’s one thing he should be competent in! Hope you are having an awesome time and really throwing yourselves into the experiences. Awards night, now known as “the most magical night of the year” thanks to new head girl Belinda was a a hoot as usual last night with a new bunch of coconuts, sorry captains, appointed and some of you featuring in photos and videos. We all miss and love you Dev (well its quiet here anyway😁) immerse yourself in the experience! Lotsa luv Mamma Chiff & all the other Chiffs xx

  2. Hey team awesome, I’d like to follow on from Helen’s message and let Joshy know that Callum aka ‘budge’ won the Endeavour Award at the Awards night. Although the highlight for us was the fact that he had been chosen to assist the presenters of the awards by being the offical ‘carrier of the scrolls’, needless to say he was awesome at it and has now adopted a new nickname “Scroll Boy”. His mates are giving it loads!

    Anyhoo, you all look so happy with huge smiles in these pics, remember this feeling of giving from a generous heart, this is what you’ll be looking for when you get back 💞

    Lots of hugs to all and a big kiss for Joshy xxx
    The Lyon’s

  3. Loving the blogs and photos. Madi good to see you hard at work at least you when you get home you will be well prepared to do a garden make over for us.

    This is such a wonderful experience for you all and it is great to see the smile on your faces.

  4. WOW! The trip looks amazing! You guys are super awesome and we are all so proud of you. I love logging on each day and seeing your adventures and then I spend 5 mins playing ‘Where’s Wally…oop’s Lexi! Desperately missing you Lex! xx

  5. Rabbit, Muppet, Joshy, Top Notch at el. You look too clean to be working hard. Kyno has already decided he is having your room Rabbit once you move out. The 30th is all systems go (with ground rules) and Sabah is missing her daddy. She has become the worlds greatest sook. I want to know what Mr Beacham’s nickname is.

  6. Loving the necklace rabbit. Missing my brothers a lot and yes kynan is taking your room. He said I can’t have your room because he is taking it and if I try he will fight me for it. So kynan is already kicking you out before you even get back home. And I love seeing you playing the guitar.

    Love Tika xx

  7. Loving all those beautiful smiles! It looks like you guys are having the best time..keep up the good work!!
    You’re all so amazing! enjoy your time with all these amazing children and families…
    Missing you Georgia R xx
    p.s.the house has never looked cleaner !! love you….
    Mum x

  8. Hi Swannies – looking at the awesome photos reminds me of the saying “you cannot change the world but you can make a world of difference to someone’s world”, Keep up the good work – and those smiles – precious to see! Miss you Evert

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