Ellenbrook: Day 5 – Down and Dirty

We began today a walk to IRC (Iktus Redeemed Community), where we were tasked with flattening the rice fields so that they could drain them for the next crop. Knee deep in mud, sludge and who knows what else, we trudged our way through for nearly 2 hours. Along with the mud, there was also an array of wildlife (spiders, worms and frogs) that the kids very much enjoyed chasing us through the mud with. Emerging from the mud, covered from the waist down, we rinsed ourselves off; but to be honest, we will never be “clean” for the rest of the trip!

We then walked back to the house (with mud still between our toes) for lunch, and then we were off to the local high school for a game of basketball and volleyball. It was a valiant effort, but the Filipino students won the basket by 2 points and then the women volleyball wiped the floor with us. After our embarrassing effort, we were treated to a ride on the tricycles through the streets of Cabacungan; Tokyo drift style.

Dinner was lovely, and then we walked down the road to church, where we met up with Pastor Ely. We wrote down our prayer concerns and then split off into groups to share our thoughts and thanks for God. After a final group prayer, we were tasked with putting together food packages that will be distributed to the families of the local community. Once everything had been placed in boxes ready for distribution, we spent around an hour mingling with the people at the church, getting to know more about them and their stories. We ended up having some awesome talks with not only the people we met for the first time but also without our teachers and fellow peers. We taught the teachers how to dance (like a pro), finishing the night off with many laughs and memories that will last a lifetime!

Katelyn and Dorinda


PS We are sorry but Dudley was very tired and so he stayed home today, for a duck, he didn’t want to get wet. We will get him out and about tomorrow.

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  1. The mud sounds fun but spiders? Definitely not!!! Love hearing about your day and seeing your smiling faces. You are all a true inspiration.

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