South Coast – Day 5 – Rest Day

Today we had a rest day here on the island. We had a tropical storm looming over us today so most of our activities were indoors. We went to city mall for a movie (we watched the new Robin Hood) and Dmall for souvenirs. We then had Yellow Cab pizza for a snack and went swimming in the ocean. After dinner we proceeded to the beach market where we did massages, pedicures, manicures, hair extensions and hair braiding. This is a picture of us after today playing the tourist. Tomorrow we will be going back to Caticlan to spend time with the Ati people.

Good night!

Ps. Here’s Luke’s picture from the other night…

7 thoughts on “South Coast – Day 5 – Rest Day

  1. Wow!! Nice shirts! Looks like you guys really know how to chill out on your rest day!!! There may have been a storm looming….but there was no shortage of colour!!! We are loving your pics and reading about your adventures……stay safe. Love from the Desmond’s xx

  2. Love the new look, especially Brodie’s beard extensions. Very nice. Sounds like a lot of fun.
    Btw Luke, you look lovely in make up xx.

  3. Lovin the new ‘do’ Ben!! Hope you annoyed the R & R… You guys are doing amazing things. Very proud of you all. 😊

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