Southern Hills Day 4: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

So 6:30 rolls around and Georgie bangs on the door, or should we say ‘bonged on the boat’ so we could have breakfast at 7:30am, to which we were literally hunting our breakfast.

Keegan jumped on Mr Beacham’s shoulders to try catch a gecko on the ceiling that was eyeing our food. Let’s just say, the gecko was more skilled than Steve Irwin (Keegan) and Bear Grylls (Mr Beacham).

One of Mr Beacham’s wise quotes was ‘don’t lick a frog’, to which Daniel Replied, ‘that sounds like something from experience’…..five minutes later, our very own Principal was seen scouting for frogs in the garden after he just gave us his warning.

Breakfast ended up being a mix of Frankfurt’s, fried eggs and garlic rice. At breakfast there was a slight incident of a blocked the toilet by forgetting to put the paper in the bin…Thankfully Daniel’s heroic heart unblocked the toilet but in the meantime him and Sarah got left behind as everyone else evacuated onto the bus. All this was before 9am….great start to the day….

At 9:30am we headed to over to the Special Needs Primary School and began painting 2 classrooms. It was fun and some of us seemed to get more paint on ourselves than the walls. Nat ended up with white paint splattered across her entire face to which the Filipino teachers laughed and said she had ‘white freckles’. On our drink break, both of us walked through the school gardens and were amazed with how they were able to recycle plastic bottles into swan shaped garden beds and festive flowers.

After Mr Beacham’s warning, some of us still were able to find a frog in the gardens and spend some quality time bonding with the frog.

When painting was finished (which we smashed in 2 hours) we went and had lunch that was accompanied by a comedic moment. Ben tried to express that he was simply ‘mind blown’ but failed to produce the correct words and ended up calling himself a ‘blind mole’! Many laughs were shared before heading out to the sugar cane fields.

We were lucky enough to experience planting, ploughing with a Caribou (water buffalo), stacking sugar cane, and even riding the big Caribou. We tried some of the sugar cane which was sweet and delicious.

We arrived at the our host’s house at 5:30pm and hand washed our laundry in the spitting rain. Dinner followed by 2 hours of incredible (and deafening) karaoke which was full of laughs and bangers. Many of us smashed it and ruined many classics.

Much love to the Grida clan and the Morgan-Power fam xx

From the two very sleep deprived girls, Jenn and Maddy

3 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 4: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

  1. Looks like you are really enjoying yourselves despite the heat and humidity. Keep up the good work, you can see the difference you are making already. Please tell Daniel that I (and Mrs Scrivener) really feel for him having to unblock the toilet, not a nice job especially in the heat.
    Keep up the great work, whatever that may be each day. Georgina, hope things are going well for you. Jenn, I loved the photo of you on the caribo and hope you plowed a straight furrow for the cane to be planted!
    Praying for you all each day and remember to wash those hands!!!!!
    Mrs T

  2. Hi Honey Bun

    Dad and I have sold the washing machine now you have learnt how to wash your clothes. Sammy is quite excited about learning how to wash his own too.

    I have fallen in love with caribous. Please if you see a baby one ask Mr Beacham if you can being it home.

    We are all fine here.

    Lots of love Mum and Dad

  3. Looking good Jenn!! 😎 Love the new mode of transport!! We are adding a Caribou and a machete to your Christmas list. 😊 Love you, Mum, Dad, Grace, Levi & Heath xxxxx

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