Ellenbrook: Day 6 – First Layer Done!!

Another morning, another coffee before we headed out to Cabacungan Elementary School where we were given the opportunity to teach and learn from the students. In the classes we taught the children some Aussie slang such as, ‘Good Arvo!’ and ‘Struth’ and played games, sung songs and danced. We then gave the children the chance to teach us some of their language and to show us some of their talents, which did not disappoint.  Dudley was very busy in his classroom when Mr P shared his (Dudley’s) personal duck rescue story. He wasn’t shy as Mr P sent him jumping off the building onto the floor. The Filipino children craned their neck to see what happened to him.

Straight after that we went to the IRC and as always, the children eagerly awaited our arrival just outside the gate before grabbing our hands and leading us inside. We played some games and got to interact with the IRC community a bit more before we gathered together to begin day one of painting newly built accommodation for IRC staff.

We went in to paint the first layer and after about 2 hours we were all covered in paint, tired and hot.  The house was two storey and there were many awkward to reach places. Mr P elected to paint the high places before the crew headed back the 1 km walk to have lunch. After a beautiful lunch we headed back to the IRC where the locals in the village are starting to be friendlier with one tricycle even stopping to give us all high 5’s as we walked past. After a few more hours of painting the first layer was finally finished ready for the next day. Someone commented how ironic it was to be painting a house right on the edge of the rice paddy field(literally!!).

Then we were on our way back home for some chill time and much needed showers before having dinner and splitting up for our night activities; the boys were treated to a nice massage whilst the girls jammed out to some karaoke with snacks, finishing the night on a good note.

Kaitlyn J & Mark

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