South Coast – Day 6 – Ati Continued

This morning we woke up at 6:30 and had a breakfast of pancakes and mangoes. We then left the house at 7:45, taking the boat to Panay where we visited the Masa Ati school once again. Half of us went off to tutor the students and the others started painting one of the rooms of the second floor of the building. After an hour of painting and tutoring we had an assembly were we sang songs and the children sang to us. For one of the performances they preformed a traditional dance about how the Ati people live and their lifestyle. After the amazing performance the principle asked us to stand up at the front of the assembly for a surprise.  All the students gave us thank you letters and little money pouches that they have made by hand.

We then headed for the river where we had lunch and swam. We swung from the rope swing into the river and covered ourselves in mud. While some of us were swimming we heard distant screeching, this abnormal sound turned out to be Luke singing “My Heart Will Go On” on the karaoke machine. We ran out of the water to see Luke owning his terrible singing. After Luke’s tenth song we all jumped in and sang Bohemian Rhapsody to our hearts content. We then left the river just after pushing out our bus which had gotten bogged in the wet grass.

We then went back to the Ati school where everyone except Luke helped to finish the painting of the school room. We painted for an hour or so whilst it was pouring rain outside. At 3:30 we went to one of the local Ati villages for another feeding and handing out of balloon animals and pipecleaners.

After the feeding we went home to clean ourselves before we went out for thanksgiving dinner. We were then surprised with a fish foot spa where the fish ate at our feet, which was surprisingly entertaining. Afterwards we went and got a pizza and then walked home to settle down for the night.

Written by Ralph and Brodie from the SCBC crew

2 thoughts on “South Coast – Day 6 – Ati Continued

  1. Wow you guys had a busy day I can see you all asleep on the boat home! Looks lovely, wish i was there helping out. loved the singing next x factor for sure haha! (hope he has a back up plan)! You guys are are blessing to others keep working hard and spreading the love.

  2. So many new talents are emerging on this journey of discovery. Luke can sing (?) double as a model for L’Oreal and Maria can operate a paint roller !!!! Truely amazing.
    But in all seriousness, you are a terrific and very talented bunch, and in sharing your gifts are getting so much more in return.
    Make good choices. xox

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