Swan – Day 6 – Ae!

Kobe woke us all at 6am this morning by shaking our blankets off. With misery, we slowly got up and played some cards. Brekky was 6:30 and we had to gobble it down to leave soon to Cabacungan Elementary school. We were thrown into classrooms as groups of three and were told we had to show the kids about Australia. Callum, Josh and I (Evert) were chucked in a class of 30 year four students. We had no idea that it was going to happen, and we were totally shoved under the bus. The real teacher was just on her phone and shortly got up and left leaving us all to our lonesome (Australian teachers regularly check the classrooms). We drew Australia and showed the Philippines and tried teaching them some basic terms and slang. I have never heard of the word “strewth” before, and Callum and Josh were flaming me for it. With every minute feeling like an hour, we blew up balloons and played hangman and started to get the hang of controlling the classroom. After a full hour that felt like an eternity we were finally allowed to get out, had some pics outside and went off to the IRC (the community we are working in) Ae!

As we arrived at the IRC I (Devlin) was greeted by one of the boys, Gabe who gave me a gift a red bandana which I loved and wrapped around my head instantly. We then played with the kids for a little bit before getting busy and painting one of the buildings. It was awesome getting paint all over us and mucking around with the kids while we painted. It was hard work but was so worth it, the vibe was amazing, and it was such an awesome opportunity to have meaningful convos with everybody. Party Pooper Pitt and Squelchy managed to “accidently” get paint on everybody in sight although we were told by teachers there was to be no paint fights, how ironic…. We then headed back to Beulah Land briefly for lunch and rested before we headed back to the IRC to finish our first day of painting and do some good work Ae!

After finishing the top floor on the inside, I (Evert again) went outside to help paint the outside wall, with Erika following me around giving me a face painting. The outside wall was really tricky because we attached the rollers to sticks in order to have a higher reach. I “accidently” dropped the roller into one of the windows, giving Jai a bit of a scare. I asked him to chuck the brush back down, which he interpreted as yeeting it out the window, sending it flying into the water of the rice fields. We finished the painting and started cleaning up and hanging out some more with the kids and headed back to Beulah Land. We played some more cards and had showers before dinner. After dinner and debriefing, the girls headed to the karaoke while the boys had some smooth massages Ae!

This trip just keeps on getting better and better and the impact on us and the community is priceless, we are looking so forward to the coming days and will try to make the most of the time we have. Ae!

Peace & Love from not down under. Ev and Dev signing off Ae!

3 thoughts on “Swan – Day 6 – Ae!

  1. Absolutely love all the photos, there seems to be alot of paint on everyone! Amy it’s starting to look like you are beginning to like little kids a little bit more – interesting!
    Keep up the great work you are all doing, loving the blogs!

  2. Loving the photos. And love what you did Kobe made me laugh reading that. Love the white hair dev

    Love Tika x

  3. Great work Swans and Munders. Good to see so many positives. Stay strong and true. Thoughts and prayers from the Derrys. 🐌

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