Ellenbrook: Day 7 – Lugaw Day

Well, we knew what we were in for, but Lugaw day sure knocked us for a six. Woke up to a gorgeous view of the volcano out the front window and walked down to see small bowls full of breakfast. Lugaw day is designed to teach us how to live like a poor Filipino for a day, we can only drink water and a small bowl of rice porridge for all three meals.

After an uneventful morning, we were back to Cabacungan Elementary to teach a class about Australia. We were placed in a class of 10 five-year-old kids. At first, they were a bit shy but once we broke out the balloon animals and showed them how to do the hockey pokey, we could not get them to sit still. Mr P. got Dudley to come out and spent some quality time with the children.

After leaving the school, we headed back to IRC to help with another coat of white paint and then moving on to painting the rooms green. Painting the rooms took a lot of energy out of us; staring at a white wall for ages can do that. Some of us learned more about the kids at the IRC, which gave us a deeper understanding of the kids’ backstories. Arcee, one of the kids at IRC (who hadn’t engaged with anyone the entire time we had been there), started to smile and engage with Mark and Tiah. We also learnt more about how some of the kids ended up at the IRC, we found that a bit confronting and wanted to get to know them even more.

Back to the house for lunch, and then had to sit out a thunderstorm was passing. Quite a few of the crew felt flat today and after lunch many found it hard to stop falling asleep. Once the rain had subsided, we walked back to IRC to start on the first coat of coloured paint; bright green. Now that there was some colour on the walls, it really began to look like a house that someone was going to live in and made the hunger and exhaustion all worth it! We then walked back down to the springs to wash our clothes and try to scrub the paint off us. Some enjoyed the very clean spring water as the headed in for a swim.

It was then a very slow and long walk back to the house where, yet again, Lugaw was waiting for us at the dinner table. We had walked at least 5km’s today, phew no wonder we are tired.

After eating what we could, it was off to the local church where we were treated to an array of Filipino delicacies, including; chicken intestines, chicken feet, chicken heads, gizzards, pork flesh and the famous balut! (A cooked chicken egg with embryo). We gave it a red hot go but didn’t manage to eat any of the balut.  Dorinda did manage to place it in her mouth, but quickly spat it back out. The rest of the night consisted of games that became so competitive, Sophie got hit in the face by Mr Pitman… it was all worth it though because she won the game.

It was a very physically demanding day, but it was one of the first times that we could see that what we were doing was having an impact. Looking forward to tomorrow morning where we can have as much coffee as our hearts desire!

Katelyn T and Sophie xo

P.S. I promise mum, we will never complain about what’s for dinner ever again!

7 thoughts on “Ellenbrook: Day 7 – Lugaw Day

  1. So many experiences and emotions in one day! The work that you are doing is wonderful and the impact will be enormous and life changing. Well done!

  2. We were thinking of having balut for dinner the day you got home!!! Not really. Congrats team on the awesome outreach you are doing there. The impact will last long after you leave.

  3. So many wonderful memories being made… and you are all making a difference … joy and smiles with daily love. Very proud of you all. Miss D you are a legend… beyond belief… love you xx

  4. Enjoy reading your log each morning. Keep up the good work and don’t eat your friends out of house and home!!!

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