South Coast – Day 7 – Jubilee 2.0

This morning we woke up at 7am to the sound of Mr. Price’s soothing voice telling us to have a shower and get ready for the big day ahead. We all fell out of bed as we were already drained from the previous days and just wanted ONE sleep in.

After breakfast, we headed to Jubilee School for the early chapel service. You think a chapel service is a nice and calm worship? You are wrong!! This school’s chapel service turned out to be a primary school rave with everyone bouncing in the room. The children then listened to us perform a song that wasn’t as hectic as their songs but a worship song nonetheless. After our performance we were all given bracelets and hugs from the children, which was one of the most touching moments of the trip up to now.

As soon as we collected all the bracelets and hugs, we got to work with Dani and Luke helping Mr Price with a Leadership Class with the grade 6 and 7’s going through activities that involved teamwork and other values that leaders possess. While this Leadership Class was underway everyone else started working on the construction doing painting and rendering.

While this leadership class was underway Brodie was in need of a toilet big time and so he went. Imagine being in a primary school toilet and you do a POONADO in the toilet and there is no toilet paper…….. what do you do? You look to your left and you look to your right and you see nothing in sight. You have three options, you either: Pull your pants up and try to walk around like it didnt happen and go find some toilet paper, or you yell and ask the teachers or students for toilet paper, or use the leaves of the small pot plant sitting on the toilet.

Brodie chose option three….. He isn’t proud of it but he needed to to what he needed to do!!!!

When this leadership class finished we headed back to the Vista House and got lunched and headed straight back to the school. Here Natasha led an art class for the children with Maria and Ebony supporting her. While these girls were teaching art, the boys took on the construction task again with them going hard for a solid hour. The boys went so hard that Ben fell asleep on the job, and has been teased all day for it. As the art class finished, the boys were sweating but had to get ready to coach a basketball class.

The boys split the groups into three and did different drills with Brodie practicing shooting, Ben and Ralph practicing passing and Luke practicing dribbling. After the drills were completed, we played a game where us boys played against all of the students which was really fun. As soon as it reached 4 o’clock we headed back downstairs from the basketball court and got some of the much needed milkshake that we fell in love with on the first night. As a big family the team gathered in a circle drinking the milkshake and just admiring the great work we had done today for the children at Jubilee.

After finishing all our work for the day at Jubilee we headed to a feeding program where we fed the children as well as entertaining them by blowing balloons and creating pipe cleaner bracelets and crowns. As soon as we were about finished with the kids there, Brodie started the chant, HAT, HAT, HAT!!! This was because the children started asking Maria for a balloon hat. This chant had to be the funniest thing of the day as we were all completely knackered but were still able to chant and laugh about it.

This was a hard but grateful day for all us!

This blog was written by Luke and Brodie.

6 thoughts on “South Coast – Day 7 – Jubilee 2.0

  1. It’s hard to believe you have a whole week under your belts already! Photos are great and you look increasingly at ease with the work you are doing. So many new skills….and who’d have thought balloon modelling would become a forte! We are still trying to get over the singing from the last blog…. and now Poonado will be hard to recover from! Keep up the good work… from Ralph’s family xx

  2. Wow, another action packed adventurous day. It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job of connecting with and helping others. Well done.

  3. So proud of all the good work you guys are doing! I see Natasha is learning plastering, that’s a good skill we can use at home! missing you! enjoying all the photos.

  4. I guess Luke’s singing skills came in handy for the worship today! hahah Glad you’re all having lots of fun and making memories you’ll cherish forever. So jealous of you all!! x

  5. Sounds like you are all having so much fun 🙂
    I think a very long sleep in is going to be well deserved.
    Keep the blog coming – it’s hilarious. Xxx

  6. Great Job Guys!! Keep soaking up the adventure! Lasting memories after this amazing trip!
    Big Craigo will be shouting at the TV by himself tonight!!
    Southampton v Fulam
    Go Saints!
    Miss you girl!

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