Southern Hills Day 7: Goodbye For Now

Today we all woke up with George standing outside with the cheesiest “good morning!” Once we were awake we could just hear her voice going door to door! But the only thing that was on our mind was FOOD! All we wanted was to have a nice filling breakie! Normally we would take the bus to breakfast by today we all took the Tricycles instead!

Breakfast today filled out grumbling stomachs to all our satisfaction with macaroni and cheese also rice, omelette, some of us also got excited seeing baked beans. After that filling breakfast we heard a very moving testimony from Jerick.

After breakfast off we went on another adventure to the high school for our final day getting to interact with some of the kids. Some of us learnt their language, some taught them Aussie slang, some sung and danced, and just had fun. We then said a final goodbyes which involved a lot of selfie taking and waving at anyone you walked past.

When we said our final goodbyes to the high school we headed off to the Special Education school where they treated us to a very heart warming ceremony to say thank you and goodbye which some of us found very confronting and emotional to watch. During the ceremony they had prepared many performances for us such as dances, songs and acts. We had received hand made key rings from the Hearing Impaired department! We all made sure we got lots of photos with as many people that was possible!

After the ceremony some of us had started making balloon animals for the kids and pipe cleaner toys and the Cadet Ministry Bags. We had handed the Ministry Bags out to the high school kids and the looks on their faces was just amazing! Their faces had just lit up when the saw what was in them and were really grateful! It was then that they had realised we were leaving and there were lots of tears, hugs and photos.

Lots of photos later and tears off we went saying goodbye to the teachers and students as we headed off to have second lunch which we all celebrated Noi Noi birthday with a good old happy birthday song and Aussie chant. After that we all jumped aboard our rides and headed off to the sugar cane factory.

When we arrived at the sugar cane factory we went and learnt a little about the place and asked multiple questions. After the introductory we all jumped aboard the sugar cane express to explore the wonders of sugar cane.

The sugar cane factory was an experience that some of us were amazed about because they work 24 hours a day and we learnt that 596 trucks were waiting to be emptied and that they bank up all the way to the city.

After the sugar cane factory we headed off to Tubowal where we have our some sewing machines to the local Christian ladies and then interacted with the kids by making balloon animals and pipe cleaner toys. We learnt a little about the town of Tubowal from Mr Beacham which some of us where surprised by what he said.

After Tubowal we had headed back to the hotel for a quick shower and yet again some of us had enjoyed another shower in the dark and cold! Once we all had our showers we made our way over to Noi Noi’s house and had dinner with the youth students from his church. For dinner we had enjoyed 3, 23 inch wide pizzas and some home cooked meals too. Followed by another fun and exciting karaoke!! After 1.5 hours of fun we all had said our byes and a last Happy Birthday to Noi Noi and headed back to the hotel!

Once we got back to the hotel we all debriefed about the day and just chilled! Now it’s time for bed so farewell, goodnight sweet dreams and we will be back with another update on the blog.

We’d all like to take this time to thank our parents, carers, families and friends who have supported us to have such an amazing, life changing opportunity, we cannot wait to share it with you all on our return (after a good sleep).

Shout out to Georgie she made it through seven long, tiring, torturous blog sessions, hats off to her that she is so patient with all of us.

Shout out to Nat’s clan back home, always thinking about you, love and miss you guys lots xox

Also shoutout to the Hyde Tribe, thank you for making this trip possible, hope all is well miss you all lots and miss lasagna, miss Sheila more than anything but love you all see you in three days. Lots of love from the best Hyde child that’s no. 5 Bianca xox

8 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 7: Goodbye For Now

  1. You all look happy and it looks like you are really enjoying making connections with new friends. Funny to hear about your grumbly tummies – I’m sure a Macca’s run is on your list when you return home!

    PS Missing your desperately Lexi!

  2. Hi Maddy and everyone. What a life adventure for you all. We have missed you Maddy but know this experience will stay with you for life and help you grow., we will never stop pushing you out of the door to experience the world and it’s people that need your help and support. Love Mum and Dad xxx

    Ps Sam wants his bedroom back

  3. Hello our baby girl.
    We are all missing you like crazy today. Even though at times you can be a right pain in our butt the house is way to quiet. Can’t wait for you to come home. This mumma is going to be a shocker when you all finally leave home. Love ya and miss you moons. Xxxxxx

    1. I love and miss you moons and I cannot wait to come home, I feel like a whole completely different person and I thank you so much for pushing me to come on this trip. I love you all so much and can’t wait to give you biggest hugs when I see you xxxxxxxxxxxx
      Love mon bon ❤️

  4. Hi glad to hear that the sewing machines were given out. Sounds like you are having fun as well as learning new skills especially about the Filipino people. God bless you all The ladies Bible study group Beckenham

  5. Great to hear all you have been doing and the impact it is having on the locals and on you guys. Keep up the great work and enjoy every minute you have left of your trip.
    Praying for safe travels home.
    God bless
    Mrs T

  6. Hi Jenn, We’re glad you’re enjoying the experience and we have loved reading everyone’s blog. Miss you and thinking of you. Travel safely. Love Nanna and Grandad

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