Swan – Day 7 – Live like a Filipino day

This morning we watched as everybody one by one realized that they weren’t allowed to have their morning coffee and the realization that Lugaw Day was upon us. For breaky we had lugaw and water for lunch we had lugaw and water and for dinner to our surprise we had lugaw and water. To start our day we were put back into class rooms at Cabacungan Elementary school. After plenty of hokey pokey, balloon animals and baby shark we were back off to IRC to finish our second coat of paint. Morale was down and feet were being dragged but seeing Erica and other kids really lifts your spirt. we started our second coat and to our surprise Devlin actually decided to contribute. Every paint stroke seemed to get a little harder with every drop of white paint we put on an already white wall. After a cheeky cry or two and finally a new paint colour, everybody seemed to be back to normal. To wash off the paint and clean our clothes we walked to the natural spring which was even more Gwapa (beautiful) then the last time we were there. We finished off the night with our food challenge which consisted of chicken intestines, feet and head and the highly anticipated Balut (an egg with a baby chicken inside basically). A quick game of ninja destruction and basketball and everybody hit a wall.

Today has to be the toughest day so far for the team. Living the life of a Filipino living in Cabacungan was incredibly eye opening and hopefully life changing. We would dream and chat about the good food we knew we would get tomorrow only to realise that this was only a one day challenge for us but is everyday life for our new friends. Talking in our debrief you could see God was moving in people’s hearts, creating more grateful and positive people out of all of us.

Kaitlyn + Morgan from the Fungeon (We got ditched down stairs to the basement and we made it amazing!!!) xx

4 thoughts on “Swan – Day 7 – Live like a Filipino day

  1. Hi Toby,

    Looks like you might be looking forward to some of your little bro’s cooking!! I don’t think you would be complaining even if was Dad’s cooking based on one of those photos of you and that’s saying something right!!!

    It looks like you are having an amazing time and experience. Super proud of you and everyone else.
    Can’t wait to see you.


  2. Hi Morgs,
    Finally got some internet coverage & it’s great to see the photo’s of your trip so far. Good to see you got to use your painting skills again. Sending hugs & kisses from Vanuatu
    Mum, Dad & Tayla

  3. Anneke,
    Your confident smile ahead of eating balut is inspiring.
    Do you remember the chicken feet dish is know in Africa as “runaways”? If you add the heads then it is “walkie talkies”. 🙂
    Through the photos we are enjoying the trip with all of you.
    Heit, Mamma en yow twee booties

  4. Hey Joshy,
    Not sure if you’re about to put that, ( is that a chicken in an egg??), in your mouth or whether you’ve decide to abort mission at the last second!? How’s about some delicious salmon and some chilli mussels when you get home?
    Good for you mate giving it all a go we’re so proud of you 🥰
    Missing you heaps xxx
    Love Mum, Dad and C-Doggy
    Shmoo- Bucket sends her luv too 🐶😜

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