Ellenbrook: Day 8 – Done & Dusted!

We woke up pleased and excited with the smell of bacon filling our rooms. Our first meal after Lugaw day was everything we wanted as we all stood; staring at the plates of the crispy bacon and delicious French toast that was prepared for us. It wasn’t long before those plates were all cleared completely with satisfaction and we relished in the feeling of having full stomachs.

Unlike most mornings, this morning we had roughly an hour and a bit before heading out to the church to hand out food. So, what did we do in our spare time? We created, practiced and prepared a unique version of amazing grace that we were set to perform tomorrow morning for the church service. Dudley definitely enjoyed it!!

Shortly after, we arrived at church to distribute the food packs that we had made some nights ago. It was a great experience as the community gathered together to receive something that to us would be so small and only took 10 minutes but to the locals it was so much more. Each bag can feed a family of five for around a week and a half. We enjoyed seeing the happiness and gratefulness radiating on the locals face as we handed the food over. It really emphasized just how lucky we are in Australia to always have food and have it in abundance.

With some spare time at church, we helped move a huge pile of dirt. We quickly formed a line to pass along buckets and sacks of dirt to the other side of the church. Mark started a game of Chinese Whispers, which made it very entertaining.

Not long after that we headed down to the IRC to spend some time with the kids. It allowed us to deepen connections and learn their stories with our time here coming to an end. Following that, we were treated to a hearty lunch which included chicken, rice, beef stew and much more.

Now fueled up and ready to go, we returned to the IRC to do some more painting. We are surely becoming experts now! Today we split up into 3 teams; team green, team yellow and team clean up. Each had their own task in the process of painting the buildings of the IRC. It was hilarious to see the IRC kids dipping their hands in the paint and not hesitating to rub it on us. Oh the joys of kids! The IRC kids danced to some praise music, which added to the experience.

With our tasks done and faces painted, we headed home for some well-deserved showers before going back to the church to learn some Philippines martial arts. Unfortunately, the instructor was unable to make the trip to the church, so we played the instruments and had some ice cream before returning home for debrief.

All in all today was a easy going day but definitely one that we all needed and deserved.

Mark and Tiah

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  1. Vannieza from IRC just sent me all the photos from your time there and you guys are doing amazing! Hope you guys are having fun!

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