South Coast – Day 8 – Island Hopping :)

Today we had come to the conclusion that the Yellow cab pizza had destroyed all our stomachs and the result was not pretty. We woke up and all we could hear is Brodie’s moaning and groaning. Unfortunately Brodie and Pricey seemed to have it the worst and so they stayed back and didn’t come island hoping and instead had a good sook together! They went for a soothing massage and by the end of the day they were miraculously better! Just kidding… good on Mr Price for staying back and helping Brodie and himself, it was probably for the best because the boat ride was hectic. They are now apparently “feeling pretty good” so all concerns can be put at ease.

At 8:45 am the crew rolled out to the beach and waited for about 20 minutes before hopping onto the small boat and then headed out to sea towards the first snorkeling location. The water was warm, pristine and deep blue in colour. It was around 5 meters and once we all jumped in with our snorkels, the fun began. Exotic and colourful small fish swarmed throughout the coral and one massive purple and blue fish swam up to Natasha and basically gave her a kiss on the cheek. There was no chance of avoiding jellyfish as we all got stung in multiple different places and maria suffered the worst with a puffy red mark across her wrist and arm. As we set off to our second snorkeling location the choppiness of the ocean meant that water sprayed into the boat and along with the wind – Ebony, and myself (Dani) were freezing and shivering and our lips were turning purple, despite the sticky warm weather. This didn’t stop us from jumping into the water of the second location however the snorkel was cut short due to the strong current. Ben, Luke, Ralph and Maria swam their hardest to a near by island and yet were still staying in the same spot for and insanely long time. However swimming with the current was a much different story due to Maria reportedly ‘swam 100m in 2 second’. Michael Phelps has some competition. It was no surprise when the rain came in due to the dark clouds which forced me to wrap myself up in 3 towels… Rip Maria’s and Luke’s towel. Maria and Ralph had “a phat time” in the rain as they put their feet over the edge of the boat and enjoyed the warm water covering them as a blanket.

The third snorkel didn’t happen due to the rain and by this point we were all saturated. We were all exhausted after this and had an afternoon snooze for our 4 pm feeding. This feeding was particularly energetic as all the kids were exited and sociable. We sang songs, passed out vegetable curry and juice as well as making them all balloon animals and swords. They thanked us all and it warmed our hearts dearly!

Mr Price did a face swap with a young Filipino.

By 6 pm the sun was out and we hurried over to beach and played ultimate frisbee and practiced back flips in the water. this along with a couple of games of presidents and scumbags, we had a nice ending to the day. BTW the sunset was amazing!

This relatively chill day was much needed so that we all could all be at our 100% for our next school visits.

We’re loving all the parents comments and its a massive part of our day when we openly read them all out at breakfast and dinner. Especially you Craigo! missing you too 🙂


3 thoughts on “South Coast – Day 8 – Island Hopping :)

  1. Sorry to hear some were sick, glad there ok now hope it doesn’t put a downer on the trip and the island hopping looked fun ,Ben ,Luke , Ralph and Maria good for you guys exploring :-).Ben didn’t you do the same thing when we went to Thailand, on James Bond Island ?Glad your all safe and having fun.

  2. We love to read all about the day you’ve just had – I’m totally addicted and can’t wait for the next installment. Sorry to hear the food/water finally caught up, but glad it was short lived.
    A day of snorkeling and swimming will have restored your energies for the last few days ahead.
    Have fun, make memories and look after each other.
    Miss you M xox

  3. I’m sure the children are loving the snapchat filters haha !! You might all come back with a nice tan 🙂 Not long til you’ll all be home so enjoy the last few days and hopefully there is many more trips like this in the future for you all. Have fun xx

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