Southerns Hills Day 8: A Balutful Night

Day 8

This morning we were meant to have a sleep in till 7:30, but Georgie got excited with her morning song that she sings to us outside our door to wake us up each morning. Sooo….we were up at 7:15, fun.

After breakfast we then went to the wet & dry markets in town that tested our limits of personal space. While shopping through a very busy, smelly and loud local market on a Saturday morning we proceeded to see things ranging from dried fish, hanging meats to woven hats and cake shops.

During our exploration through the markets Kieran’s unofficial fan club (Filipino girls that claim he’s sent from the heavens) decided that they needed a photo to which Pastor Jerick joined in with the screams and jumps of joy. Classic Jerick, such a mad dawg.

A 5 minute drive away led us to the local supermarket where we were challenged to get into pairs and find the weirdest item we could stand to look at. At lunch was when we had the big reveal of each groups item….if that’s what you wanted to call it.

We had objects ranging from a 80’s rowing exercise, a disturbing horse made out of shells that we named ‘Philip Eno’, strange foods, Elsa on a skateboard and the winner ended up being an interesting sculpture of a man in a barrel. (Keegan and Kieran’s).

Mount Canolan was our next location where we swam in the freezing natural pools that were run off from a waterfall. Sadly the waterfall was further up the mountain so we missed the opportunity to see it. We did get to see the crazy and insane views from a motel that sat on the every edge of the mountain, looking down at the lush and flourishing forest below.

We stayed there until 4:30 and then made our way back home to where we prepared for the long night ahead that only a few of us knew about…

Tonight was the night that we were to try traditional Filipino cuisine,yuuuummmmm (sarcasm 😂) Our ‘second dinner’ as Pastor Gary called it involved consuming parts of chicken you didn’t even know was editable. Chicken heart, liver, foot, kidney, gizzard, intestine and the rear end of the chicken. All tasted better than what you’d expect…except for the gnarly foot, which Ben and Daniel decided to have a crunch on the toes.

Only the bravest of the brave attempted the next item of ‘food’. These heroic people were Nat, Sarah, Ben, and Keegan, decided that it would be a good idea to try balut. Balut is a fertilised chicken egg that had been boiled for consumption. Little did we know that these small eggs would soon end up in the flower beds, spat out into paper towel and some even made it into the stomach of only one brave soul. Keegan Nyhuis. He managed to keep down 10 balut eggs without vomiting all over the garden. This was the highlight of the evening but will soon decline after digestion is over. Poor Kieran who has to suffer sharing a room with him. Pastor Ed, Pastor Jerick, Pastor Noni and Noinoi proceeded to show Keegan up as they consumed the balut in under 15 seconds. Keegan admired Pastor Ed’s ability to eat not only the egg, but the shell and was encouraged to say in a very cheesy Aussie accent that he,Pastor Ed “was a mad dawg”.

Shout out to My beautiful Grida fam, grandparents and friends reading along about my crazy adventures and the my Morgan-Power family that has been following the trip day by day with me, both of us love you guys loads xx

From Maddy and Jenn xxx

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  1. Well done nat proud if you for at least trying the food. Your face says it all. Oscar was not happy that you weren’t sharing your bed with him. Missing you. Love from all of us.

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