Swan – Day 8 – Balance has been restored to the bellies

With D-day over we were happy to wake up a little bit later (0700 hrs), to see the ever present volcano in all its glory. To our delight we found plates full of bacon, french-toast, rice and bowls of maple syrup waiting for us. Within minutes of eating the food was completely gone.

To our relief Mr. Beacham announced that we would have a cruisy morning, giving us time to chill out before we made our way down to the church for our morning activity at 0900 hrs. As this was our first day that a formal camera crew was with us, we filed off down the street for our morning activity, with the constant humming of a camera drone above and the cameramen on the back of scooters flogging past as we made our way to the church.

As we arrived into the courtyard of the church we made our way to the seats already laid out for us and looked around to find an overwhelming chattering crowd eagerly waiting for what was to come. For this morning’s activity it was our honourand privilege to serve to the community of Cabacungan by distributing the food packages that we had packed on day 5. In order to do this, we piled up 5 tables with food packages and as two lines per table formed we split off into different groups to cater for everyone. Once we had finished distributing the food and the crowd waivered, Paster Ely set us a 30-minute task of moving a large amount of dirt that was obscuring the courtyard and entrance of the church. To do this we formed a large production line so that when buckets and bags of dirt were filled, they could be passed along the line to its destination behind the church without people having to do much leg work. Once our 30 minutes was up we had roughly transported 2 bobcat loads worth of dirt.

After moving the dirt we said our goodbyes to the crowd and made our way down to the IRC, with the ever present humming of the drone tracing our movements and more people with GoPro cameras filming. As was the custom by now as we walked through the gate of the IRC we were inundated with happy smiles, laughter and bear hugs of the kids. For 40 minutes we had the opportunity to spend this time playing and talking with the kids of the community. After the 40 minutes was up we shared brief goodbyes telling them we would be back this afternoon and headed back to our accommodation to eat lunch. Today for lunch we were treated with an abundance of chicken cordon bleus, rice and chopped up sausages (Evert’s red rockets) with chicken accompanied with soft drink. Prior to leaving to relax we were organised into 4 groups in which we had different roles to complete the afternoon activity. We then had 30 minutes to relax where Tony and Joel willingly lost their nipple virginity (Putting a balloon pump on their nipples, pulling back on the pump.) with the rest of us boys watching in disbelief.

After relaxing we made our way back down to the IRC where we split into our 4 groups, two yellow teams, one green team and a cleaning team. The cleaning team’s role was to brush down and clean the older building of spiderwebs and dirt so that the yellow and green teams could repaint the walls of the building. The final yellow team was tasked to complete the front of the newly built building we had been painting on for the past few days. Whilst in the process of this there was still time for lots of messing around with the kids and some people even revealing their inner Shrek. (painting each other in green paint.) Today some of the adults had gathered all of the younger kids to have a day of learning through lots of games and songs with which we were able to admire whilst we worked. As we completed the task at hand, we positioned ourselves in front of the newly painted building for a group photo taken by the drone. As a small token of all the fun we had today a group of us got up on stage to sing our unique version of Amazing Grace.

Unfortunately, the time had come once again to say goodbye for the day, where lots of hugs, high-fives and secret handshakes were exchanged before we left whilst watching the kids gather at gate to wave us off.

Once returning to the accommodation we were given an hour to relax before a group devotion at 1715 hrs and dinner at 1730 hrs. At dinner we were served plates full of freshly cooked spring rolls, rice, sweet and sour chicken with potato and carrot. But this time there was no time for us to relax as we headed straight for the church at 1830 hrs for our evening activity. Our evening activity this evening was scheduled to be a rigorous training session in the ways of native Filipino martial arts. However to our dismay we were informed that the trainer was unable to attend and thereby cancelling our training session and destroying our hopes and dreams of becoming professional ninjas. In order to make up for this loss the teachers sort out ice creams for us where to Devlin’s horror found a band aid in his drumstick. Whilst we were eating our ice creams we were able to tinker with the range of musical instruments that were available at the church. After about 45 minutes it was time for us to head back to our accommodation where we all gathered to give our shout outs for the day. Proceeding the shout outs we were split into three different groups where we shared our thoughts of the day, and Tony’s infamous yet irritating “What dooooo ya mean!” was hopefully nullified.

All in all today was an absolute blast, we all had lots of fun and despite being a little tired we have all managed to have a great laugh.

These are your Captains speaking, we hope you have had a comfortable read, welcome to Day 8 of our journey. It is currently a comfortable 23 degrees, clear skies and the volcano is yet to erupt. Thank you again for choosing L2L Airways, and we hope to see you again soon.

~Callum and Josh

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  1. Well done on your blog Captains 👨🏻‍✈️ 👨🏻‍✈️
    Great in flight entertainment with a full menu provided and a safe landing at the end of the journey. Looking forward to the next leg !
    Your Ground crew staff
    xx 😜🤣

  2. Absolutely lovely to see all you fabulous young people what a lifetime experience for you all may God continue to bless and encourage you all .
    ” Let your light shine ”

    An adoring grandma ..

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