Ellenbrook: Day 9 – Saying “Hello” One Last Time

Today we started up the morning with an early breakfast (once again) and took a walk to Pastor Ely’s church for a church service. This meant that the start to the day was full of praise and worship that woke many of us up (thanks to the late night chats the day before). Mark and Devlin so graciously shared their testimonies on how they came to Christianity and came to follow God. Mr P also made an appearance conducting a sermon that surprisingly did not feature Dudley the Duck (who was not a happy chap).

After the service and getting to know the people in the congregation we were given the opportunity to witness multiple baptisms. We walked from the church down to Baji Baji Springs Resort and watched and prayed for the four girls who were being baptised in the pool, then after a photo in front of the waterfall we walked back to Beulah Land.

Home for lunch we were treated as per usual by Ate (Aunty) Dina with rice and delectable meat dishes. Once everyone had finished we packed our satchels full of as many gifts for the kids as we could and proceeded to the iRC (Ikthus Redeemed Community) to see the kids and say goodbye for one last time.

Being greeted by smiling eyes and laughing mouths will never get old, the mutual feeling of happiness was overwhelming as we all knew this would be the last hello and the final goodbye was to come. We played with the kids for a while then had a church service afterwards we food distribution and then it came time for our final goodbyes…

Tears filled our eyes while our hands reached out to grab our friends as we sobbed at the fact we wouldn’t be coming back tomorrow. All we could say is that we would bring friends back the year after and that we would miss them with all our hearts (which may have been an understatement).

Although it may be a year until we may be back, all we can say is that we have poured our hearts an souls into the kids an they knew it. The friendships we’ve formed and the memories we’ve made will last us more than a lifetime and will never leave out hearts.

Dorinda & Kaitlyn

7 thoughts on “Ellenbrook: Day 9 – Saying “Hello” One Last Time

  1. Beautiful words Dorinda and Kaitlyn. You have all made memorable connections and unforgettable friends.
    “It’s not a goodbye,it’s a see you later.”

  2. Such special friendships have been made. You will always have those memories – what an awesome time you have had. May God bless you and the IRC community that you have come to know. Travel safe.

  3. Beautifully written!
    Dorinda…we have missed your beaming smile at BCS & can’t wait to hear all about the trip. Praying for a safe return xxx

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