South Coast – Day 9 – Church and Sunsets

7:00am; let the day begin. Rough morning for a few today who woke up feeling under the weather. Decidedly splitting into two groups; one opting to spend the morning resting up, becoming rather well acquainted with our good mate John (the toilet..); and the other headed out to a rather ‘exhilarating’ chapel service.

Anyhow; as the day progressed, so did the mood and soon we were headed to the local marketplace where we were once again united with the rest of the team. After a well-needed lunch of burgers and shakes we set out to explore. Shopping was temping, but the beach was on everyone’s mind and with the perfect weather beckoning us to her shores, we simply couldn’t resist. We spent the day in the water and tanning on the sand until early afternoon when we headed out to do some ‘Sunset Sailing’.

This included sitting on nets from the centre of the boat out to the wings. After some close-calls with falling off and an astounding sunset, we headed back to shore and jumped off the boat.
Unlucky for Tash, her ‘dismount’ was somewhat ungraceful as her legs were swooped out from under her and she face-planted into the shallow water, (although only few were lucky enough to see it, it was easily the funniest part of my day).

We then went to the most relaxing coffee shop and had a go at some ‘holiday leisure’ with interesting frappes and nutella-coffees where Mr Price was almost tempted to disregard the rest of the trip and spend his remaining days in his comfy chair overlooking the beach and the sunset.

After some convincing and light bribery, we persuaded Pricey to head back to the Vista for dinner and delicious milkshakes / smoothies made by our first class chef ( who i offered to come back to Australia to make shakes for me- unfortunately she declined my generous offer)

the power kept going out so we ate dinner by candlelight tonight.

The girls then headed out for a late-night massage and left the boys back at the vista to have a heated tournament of Uno (to which luke was cleaning up the wins and Brodie must have needed some medical attention after the butt-whooping he was handed)

Then Ben tried to write the blog but handballed it to me because of my astonishing writing skills even though ben tried really really hard and we’re all proud of his efforts     -_-

Anywho, goodnight everyone we’re all excited to see our families soon but we are definitely reluctant to leave this beautiful and life-changing island.

catcha soon

-Sully (and sorta Ben)
PS the sullivan family is the greatest xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoooox

3 thoughts on “South Coast – Day 9 – Church and Sunsets

  1. Lets hope all the sickness has finished for you all and you can enjoy the rest of the trip. Luke, all those times playing uno have come in handy 😛 Let’s hope you bring some of the nice weather home!! One day to go now, I’m sure the trip has flown by for you all. Enjoy your last day guys 🙂 xx

  2. Hi guys would have liked to have seen the face plant Tash haha😂. Hope you are all well now. We should have packed your snorkeling mask hope you were able to see enough👀 it’s gonna be tough leaving with all those friends you’ve made ☹️Mumxx

  3. Was the ‘exhilerating’ chapel service in a shopping mall?
    Only a couple of days left which is sad, but it’s certainly been an experience like no other.
    Hopefully the tummy problems are on the mend coz it’s a long trip home!! Hint…. It’s probably the water. I guess those years in Indo toughened you up.
    Safe travels everyone. See you soon. XXXXXOOOXXXX

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