Southern Hills Day 9: Rest Day

This morning we were treated to a lovely 8am sleep in. We headed to breakfast where we had eggs, rice and hotdogs. The egg was hard to stomach for those who ate balut the night before.

As per tradition in the Philippines Sunday is a day of rest and praising the Lord. We headed off to Fundamental Baptist Church. We all thoroughly enjoyed the service, and felt welcomed into their Church. It was nice to give a little bit of information about our selves and a brief reflection of our opinions and highlights of the trip to the locals in the church. We shared a cultural song ‘We are one’ and Jen delivered a fantastic testimony which was well received.

After church we went to lunch. After lunch we had some down time where we cleaned our rooms, played some intense UNO games and caught up on some rest.

At 3 o clock it was off to the local community. It was pretty funny when we got there as we were all commenting that their wasn’t many kids there. As soon as we started making balloon animals and pipe cleaner figures children appeared from everywhere and soon enough we had a massive crowd of beautiful smiles eager to engage with us. Whilst some of us did balloon animals and pipe cleaners others played a game of basketball with some of the locals. Some of us found it strange to see a Filipino who looked like a Geelong AFL player. We then had some more much needed rest at the accommodation before our thanks giving dinner.

Dinner was nice as always, the food was delicious. Everyone who played a part in the trip came together including the cooks, drivers, Pastors and others who worked behind the scenes. It was interesting for us to discover that normally in traditional Filipino culture the Filipinos and the workers would not eat with the guests, but we all thoroughly enjoyed their company. We each took turns to thank the incredible staff for all their work and share our highlights of the trip.

On the way back to the accommodation, we stopped past the plaza and watched two local basketball teams go head to head.

Shout out to Mum Kandy, Dad Guy, and all the boys, can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday morning, I am so excited to see you all. Love you moons, Mon. xxxxxx

Shout Out to Mum, Dad and Noni, see you all soon. – Kieran

2 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 9: Rest Day

  1. Hi Maddy

    You are going to be home soon and will have so much to tell us. We have loved following you via the Blog but so looking forward to giving you a big hug and squeaky kiss.

    Lady bug went paddling with dolphins and stingrays today.

    I will make sure we have plenty of rice and chickens feet for when you get home

    Love to you and everyone from Mum and Dad xoxox

  2. Hi Keegs we are so enjoying reading the blogs each day. We are looking forward to having you home to hear more about your trip and your experiences. We have just had a great trip too, though very different to yours. We miss you. Safe travels. Love Mum and Dad. Xxxx

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