Our Final Day – a sonnet

Dear parents / interested parties, just some important details as this will be the final blog post for the 2018 L2L trip. Arrival details are as follows:

SQ 525 – 5:25am Wednesday 28th

On a personal note, we teachers have been so impressed by the character of the young people in our charge. They have honoured the school, they have honoured you and they have shown their calibre over the last week and a half. Thankyou so much for entrusting them to us and allowing them to share in the adventures! Please pray for safe flights home over the next 36 hours.

Please indulge us as we leave you with a poetic finale!


So a group of young people went traveling,
And cruised to the Philippines,
They ate balut and stomped in mud,
An enthusiastic bunch of teens.

They’d stayed in the lovely ‘Beulah Land’,
And walked each day to the site,
Where they worked on building relationships,
With Filipinos half their height.

Some poo jokes, poor old Devlin,
And some pranks by the teachers too,
The students had a lot of fun,
and did we mention Devlin’s poo?

But the point to the time wasn’t tom foolery,
But to grow in knowing our world,
Although we see it broken,
The truth was being unfurled.

For the students they couldn’t change circumstance
For these Filipino’s they now knew,
But they could seek to understand the place,
That challenged some old world views.

So today was the final day,
And our final meal from the crew,
Bacon and eggs and some butter and toast,
We hit the day feeling like new!

The bus ride to Bacolod was actually kind of fun,
The Phat* chats wouldn’t quit,
And some banging tunes from a playlist,
For white people, on which to get lit*

Checking in at GoHotel,
Then off to Robinsons for lunch,
Smashing mostly western food,
Those champ burgers pack a mayo punch!

We hopped back into the jeepney’s,
To the market 888,
To trade some peso’s for some shoes and clothes,
Local economies to stimulate.

But watching he students hop back on the bus,
It was their friends that had been on their minds
For when the opportunity came to spend their cash
Their money they’d already assigned.

They gave generously to their IRC friends
and we’re proud to say,
Well over 20,000 pesos,
The cash will go a long way.

We finished the night with a party,
and a feast of BBQ and rice,
A cover band with plenty of groove,
A dancers paradise.

So, its over, another year done,
As we sit and write this verse,
We’re proud as punch of this awesome bunch,
Never afraid to fully immerse.

They’ve pushed and wrestled, laughed and cried
Never slackening the pace,
We pray that each young man and woman we’ve bought,
Will be changed for the future they face!


We are very proud of you all!

Love – the Teachers

*phat is a young people word meaning deep and meaningful – this is our attempt to be youthful and relevant!!!

**lit – when something fun is happening or something exciting is happening and you and your friends are turnt up (turnt up – A state of euphoria brought about by having an extremely good time)



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  1. It’s been a blessing to seethe activities each day . Fantastic bunch glad to hear they have enjoyed it so much .What an opportunity to experience so young another cloture first hand may it impress them and enrich them in there lives .. thanks for the the photos and daily updates .
    Much love mrs G .

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