South Coast – Day 10 – Last Day

The time has arrived, our last day on this beautiful island oasis. Even though it’s our last day in paradise, there was still lots of work to be done. We woke up this morning, some worse than others as I (Tash) had incredibly sore blisters on my feet from the walks the night before. After a delicious breakfast cooked by the generous staff at the Vista House, we set out on our journey to the Jubilee School where we still had lots of work and tutoring to continue. Myself, Mr Price and Ralph helped out with the tutoring and lots of children were sad because our amazing mission trip to Boracay was coming to an end. Even with some sad children we managed to teach a couple of stories and math equations which managed to comfort students. The rest of the group went to finished off some much needed construction such as plastering. We arrived back to the Vista after spending a good three hours doing work, lots of us were tired and unmotivated for the second half of the day which consisted of visiting the MASA Ati School. Your comments helped provide the much needed support and motivation for the group to push through the last tough few hours of construction and tutoring that we had planned.

We had an amazing lunch provided by the amazing staff at the Vista house and we set off once again for the next school. We were greeted at the MASA Ati School with great smiles and lots of love. We tutored and did construction for two hours and by the end we all gave in and decided to have some fun with the kids, the lads of the group played basketball with the kids, the girls of the group played some volleyball and had some great conversations with the girls at the Ati school.

After the Ati School we journeyed back to the Vista for some much needed dinner as we were completely exhausted and in need of a good feed. We had Jonah’s Fruit Shakes with our dinner because we wanted to finish off an awesome time with the iconic drink that we were all met with on the first beach side sunset we had experienced here on Boracay. After yet another amazing meal we set off for the beach to have our last ever coffee and de-brief before we head back to Australia. Lots of people spoke out and opened up about their challenges on the mission and their highlights. Lots of people agreed on being mentally and physically drained for most of the trip due to the intense work almost every day, the stray animals that would be walking around and people in the streets not really giving much thought into them or their health and the poverty stricken areas that really show the pain and struggle that some people go through (some houses were made out of recycled materials, cardboard, tin, and pretty much anything they could find).

Your comments have been a blessing throughout this trip and has kept us motivated and feeling loved. We continue to read over comments and enjoy every single one from the funniest to the most heartfelt. We cannot wait to see all of you again tomorrow and bombard you with all the stories from our adventures!

Love Ya Ackerley Fam ❤

-Tash xx

4 thoughts on “South Coast – Day 10 – Last Day

  1. Lovely post Tash I’ll have a look at your feet when you get home. Very proud mum you’ve all worked very hard. Enjoyed all the posts including the singing! And the poonado stories haha😂 I’m sure you all have memories that will last a lifetime. Missing you see ya soon Tash xxxmum

  2. Tash, what a lovely note to end on. Thank you 🙂 I’m sure all the parents feel the same way about the blog – it’s a huge effort from you all to share your experiences so eloquently with us every day when you must be totally exhausted. A lot of thought and care goes into them and we are very very proud of you all.
    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, and hear about all the adventures that DIDN’T make it into the blog. To Andy and Ebony, well done.
    Love and hugs to you all. Safe travels xxxoooxxx

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