Southern Hills Day 10: Shopping!

This morning was a sleep in till 7:30 before packing our bags and leaving at 8am for breakie.

It was a very emotional goodbye as we farewelled the cooks, drivers and pastors who have supported us throughout our trip.

As we were waiting for the other schools to meet us we paid a quick visit to the city high school where they had a reptile exhibition. Some of us cuddled two large yellow pythons, and looked at the monkeys, turtles and other snakes. Some snakes were above our heads on branches which made a few of us squirm.

It was then back on the road as we left La Carlota and headed to Bacolod. It was a scenic drive, which was around one and a half hours. We arrived safely at the hotel for 11am before going to Robinson’s Mall for Lunch. We indulged in JollieBee, the favourite was cheesy hotdogs and chips. It was then off to the arcade upstairs where we stumbled across some bumper cars! We eagerly jumped in and had a game full of laughs!

After some brief shopping we went to the AAA markets. The markets turned into a shopping spree, where some of us bought shirts, shoes, jumpers and a few gifts for those at home. Let’s just say that we definitely did help the economy of Bacolod, after we left it’s a miracle it’s still got items left in it. But sooner rather than later it was time to leave with some of us still aided with money whilst others went broke!

Some of us had a bit of down time after shopping as we were knackered after a pretty rough emotional day. 6:00 everyone gathered and headed to our final goodbye party. Right now we’re jamming to some cool beats and sharing round laughs. Hopefully we get SOME sleep before our big trip tomorrow.

Ps) Tonight was a group effort to write the blog!

So a massive shout to to everyone back in Perth following our journey, from Monique, Keegan, Bianca, Sarah, Daniel, Georgina, Ben, Maddy, Kieran, Jenn, Nat and Mr Beacham 🙂

One thought on “Southern Hills Day 10: Shopping!

  1. Hi Maddy May

    It feels like Xmas when I was little…..only 1.5 sleeps before you are home xoxoxoxox.

    Where’s the photo of you holding the snake??

    Sooo looking forward to hearing all about the trip.

    Love Mum and Dad xxxxx

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