Ellenbrook: Manila Time

It was an excited bunch of students that boarded the Singapore Airlines flight in Perth. For some, this was the first time leaving Australia. Our flights to Manila were tiring but uneventful.  It was amazing to see the 51 blue shirts walking through the airport terminals and it was good to see new friendships formed and old acquaintances renewed. Crush was very tired but enjoyed getting out for some pics with his friends. We were able to spend some time in the transit lounge in Singapore where we relaxed and ate some breakfast before we boarded our flight to Manila. During our wait time in Manila we have taken time to eat at the food halls and then we will take our internal flight to Bacolod where we will be travelling by bus to the city of La Carlotta.


15 thoughts on “Ellenbrook: Manila Time

  1. Awesome to see the photos! Thank you so much. Thinking of you all and sending much love. You’re the best xx

  2. Missing you already. Great to see travel day is going so well. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and journeying with you all. Have fun xx

  3. House is very quiet tonight, watching Gilmore girls to keep me company 🤣 missing you already. Hope you’re all having an amazing time xx

  4. So great to see the photos. Can’t wait to see what’s to come. Praying for safety, fun and wonderful experiences!

  5. Great to see everyone arrived safely and that you are all smiling and having a terrific time. xx

  6. So happy to see tradition of doing Leavers to Leaders continues. I can still recognise and remember ECC students.
    Cheers to my nephew Lewis from SCC. You are all in the reliable care of the good men Paul Beecham and Giles Creelman. God bless you as you establish yourselves as leaders. 🙏

  7. Finally worked out how to find the photos! Yay! You’re all looking fabulous in
    Blue. Miss you already Teale!

  8. Wow, everyone looks excited despite the long flight. Thanks for the photos, glad you see you’re all looking so well. Love seeing you all in blue. Take care guys!!!

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