Ellenbrook: Day 2 – “EXCLAMATION MARK!”

Our day began with us waking up feeling sweaty even though we showered the night before. Up at 7am and out the door before 8am, we were promptly on our way to breakfast. We met with the rest of the SCEA community, Swan Christian College and Southern Hills Christian College, to have breakfast of rice, eggs, corned beef and french fries on top – YUM.

Soon after we made our way on a heap of trikes to the La Carlota Fundamental Baptist Church. We enjoyed being a part of the service, by introducing ourselves on stage, hearing their pastor as well as our own chaplain ( Uncle Dazza ) preach and praying with our fellow travellers. Our highlight being at this church was hearing songs of prayer, one, in particular, was a young sixteen old talented singer who sang “Good Good Father”. After taking many, many selfies with newly found Filipino friends, we were back for lunch and a very special surprise.

Pastor Gary announced that our chef’s son birthday was today and invited us to celebrate. Each school created a special item performed for the birthday boy. We decided to spell out and act out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” each embodying a letter with the exception of Ethan who fell into the role of “exclamation mark”.

From there we were off! Off to the sea container to unpack all of the donations that were generously given and sent over for the community. To speed things up we formed a production line to carry each item; sorting them along the way. We left with piles of books, stationary, clothes and a bunch of construction equipment.

With excited hearts, we were off to Cabacungan. The views looked as if they were straight out of a travel catalogue, with endless sugar-cane fields and breathtaking mountain tops. We had arrived! We were greeted by familiar faces, Aunty Dina and Aunty Mai who welcomed us to our new home for the next week. For the next hour or so we got to know one another and broke the ice by playing with the footy and unpacking with our roommates. We were immediately satisfied by the cooking of Aunty Dina as we told each other our most embarrassing stories around the dinner table.

After our dessert, it was back to church for a night-time service, getting to know the locals with a few familiar faces in between. After we finish writing and editing this blog we’ll head upstairs for facemasks and an all-inclusive game of Mafia. Crush went to bed early as he was so tired from all the attention.

Praying that everyone is safe and happy back home. We’re so excited for what’s to come!

Tiah and Dorinda


23 thoughts on “Ellenbrook: Day 2 – “EXCLAMATION MARK!”

  1. That’s so good to hear! I can’t wait to hear all the exiting things you get up to guys. Missing you already. Xx

  2. Oh wow! This just looks amazing! Fantastic photos and what incredible experiences already!
    Tiah and Dorinda…your blog post was awesome. Full of interesting anecdotes and information. It almost feels like we are there. Can’t wait to hear more.
    God bless you guys!

  3. The photos are great guys. I’m loving the one with ur masks on.

    It so good to hear daily updates of all that you are getting up to.

    Teale – Nana May sends her love to you, and all your friends on this amazing trip xxx

  4. Fab news and photos… keep it all coming. Share the love, fun and frivolities. Love the blurbs n blogs.
    Have you met up with the kids yet?

  5. You’re all looking great, must be the face masks. Will be thinking of you tomorrow as you construct the basketball courts and have sometime in the classrooms. Praying you will be blessed as you bless others with your hard work. xx

  6. Grear to see everyones smiling face. I personally think Ethan had the MOST importanr role being the Exclamation Mark. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy making new friends and doing amazing things for your chosen community. Keep smiling and stay hydrated. Love from us back home xx

  7. Thanks for the brilliant update and the photos! We love following your journey so much. Praying last night you were able to get some decent sleep after the huge journey. Have an amazing day. Love to you all 💕🙏🏻 (Love ya Peter! ❤️😆

  8. We are glad that you have settled well. Some of Year 10.1 are inspired by what you are doing and want to go to Leavers to Leaders when they are in Year 12. It is still hot here, so we feel your pain! Have fun, travel safe! From 10.1 PC

  9. Hi guys, Awesome to read the blog in PC this morning, Abigail is disappointed Ethan didn’t have the face mask on!!
    Looking forward to seeing some photos of the construction work and the smiles on the kids faces. Travis is missing Teale so much!!! Heath will need a few more days to miss Trent.

    Our PC is praying for you guys.

    Mr Taylor Mr Lazar and the Year 10.2 Pastoral Care Class.

  10. Wishing you all the best guys! So excited to log on and see your adventures! God is going to do mighty things with you and for you during this time 🙂 The Year 9.2 PC loved reading the blog and all wish you well!

  11. Such a special time. I love hearing about your experiences in Cabacungan. Make the most of every minute you have.

  12. You all have such generous hearts and the impact of that generosity will be huge on the community. Thanks for sharing these lovely moments. x

  13. It is so encouraging to see your faces getting into the activities with big smiles. Mr Royce is proud to say he taught some of you – even if just a little bit. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster. You are an inspiration to us back here. Year 4.1 is praying for you all! Blessings.

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