Swan/Mundaring Day 2: Flying forever followed up by a great day

Yesterday, after a super long bout of flying and stopping at airports for hours, we arrived in Bacolod and began the arduous drive to La Carlota. Once we arrived at our accommodation at about 11 o’clock, we pretty much crashed.

Today we were woken up at about 7am by one of our teachers bashing on the doors to wake us all up. Once everyone was ready to go, we headed Pastor Lim’s house to have breakfast.

After breakfast we went to His Life Church and met some really nice and amazing people. While at the church we mingled with quite a few locals and got to hear Mr Beacham’s life story. It was really good to hear about the church and meet some of the people who live in La Carlota.

For lunch we had Papaya, which had a not so good reception from us Swannies and the Mundaring crew, but the rest was quite nice. Once we finished lunch, we headed to a yard to empty a shipping container of supplies sent by Southern Hills earlier in the year.

Once we had done that Brother Ed took us to the markets where we saw quite a lot of different things being sold, such as fish, fruit and bags of juice. We rode back to our accommodation on Trikes (which are motorbikes with an attached sidecar). When back at the hotel, we cleaned up and Mr Beacham’s hair looked really funny. For dinner we went back to Pastor Lim’s and had, rice, veggies, chicken on a stick and spring rolls. It was really nice and was prepared by the local team. We learnt about quite a bit of Filipino culture from Pastor Gary and it was quite enlightening.

Tasma 🙂


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  1. Glad you all arrived safe & sound. Also please let Kane know Alyssa got her license. Yay!! Thanks x

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