Southern Hills Day 03: Ceremony and Farming

Well today was a start of the ever dreaded early wake up! Waking up at 6 with moans and groans from everyone, some even with croaky voices. But our moods started to liven up with some hearty rice, eggs and spam! With our bellies full and ready to smash the day we left for the Mayor’s office. There, we were lucky to attend the ceremonial flag raising, that’s performed weekly. Then heading inside to sit and have a chat with Mayor Jacky. And started the first of many photos with him. From there we headed over to La Carlota Special Needs Integrated School. We were welcomed with excited squeals and beaming faces of young children! The atmosphere was so amazing you couldn’t help but smile and hug everyone you came across. There they threw a welcome ceremony with lots of singing, dancing and gratitude! Moving on from the touching ceremony we started to unpack the vehicles with all the school gear that was kindly donated by all our supporters from back home. The kids excitedly jumped in and helped us unpack. Their faces were full of joy and amazement seeing all the wonderful gifts they were receiving. To say the least everyone was certainly emotional when it was time to leave. Leaving the school, we headed back to Casa Lim where our delicious lunch was waiting for us. There was some drool worthy fried chicken, cheesy spaghetti, rice and veggies! Quickly eating up our food we started to get ready for farming! Everyone excitedly climbed into the tray of the truck (which is by far our favorite transport) and started to make our way to the sugar cane fields. With the hot sun bearing down our backs we got ready to work! Splitting up into three groups we started on a huge pile of sugar cane cut offs and started to peel back the dead layers and prepare them for planting. Not long after our legs started to ache, our necks were burning, and our hands had thousands of prickles stuck in them. But we persevered! Some even broke off from the pile and started planting. And let me tell you we thought it was going to be easy but in true Filipino style it wasn’t, with may of us failing and putting it in wrong! Another group started harvesting on the field next door. There were many people waving around some really big and sharp bolo knives. For some it was okay and some not so safe! Here everyone most definitely started to feel the prickles dig into there arms and legs, even through their clothing. On the same field others were loading up some carts with all the harvested sugar can. Before moving them to another field to be later loaded onto trucks. For some this was the most exciting activity because not only did we load the carts, but we got to hop onto the back of the Carabao and ride it!! After a long 2.5 hours of work we headed back to the motel for some much needed showers! Once everyone was all freshened up and less itchy we headed back to Casa Lim and had some dinner. Waiting for us was some delicious rice, beef, veggies and paddies! Once our bellies were filled we settled in for devotions with Pastor Norman. Followed by some very loud and fun karaoke!! That’s all for tonight! Miss you all at home and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you! Kane would also like to wish Allysa a very Happy Birthday!!! Love yous! Nat


4 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 03: Ceremony and Farming

  1. Great to see you all arrived safely, and looking forward to reading about your continuing adventures! Love the photos – keep Bec away from that lovely pork. Miss you so much. Love, Mum & Dad (and Dan, too).

  2. Looks like it’s already a very rewarding trip. Great to see the photos. Enjoy and take care everyone. We miss you 🤗

  3. Hey Taylor we are all missing you so much here and Lotte is asking for you and trying to go in your room to find you. We hope you are having an amazing time. I hope this works as your not here to show me what to do lol.
    Lots of Love Mum, Dad and kids

  4. Sounds like your having fun and I’m sad I can’t be with you this year 😢. Keep up the good work.

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