Southern Hills Day 2: A Cool Day!

After a long day of flying and no sleep at all, we arrived at the hotel and got 7 hours of sleep that I’ve been wanting. We woke up to a knock at 7:30 with 20 mins to get ready (Not enough time I say) rushing out to eat breakfast at pastor Lim’s house and had a coffee to make my morning. After breakfast, the Southern Hills group headed to World International Fellowship in Barangay Ara-Al La Carlota City, where we stayed for the service and after made balloon animals (that I didn’t pop and made weird dogs) for the kids, we tried some coconut water which is delicious. After we said our goodbyes to the community, we headed back to Pastor Lim’s house for lunch (Which was amazing! With the pork tasting so good and smoky!!). We then went to a yard and joined with Ellenbrook and Swan and unpacked the sea container for the school we are going to tomorrow. After sorting out all of the things for the sea contain Brother Ed took us to the market and showed us what its like at the markets in La Carlota, I saw sunglasses at the markets and then I realized that I forgot my sunnies (Which I regret… sorry mum.). We then went on trikes which was awesome as sticking your head out the window is fun but sticking it out a motorbike seat is better 100%. Got into the hotel room and relaxed with my roomies and friends until dinner where we were on the trikes again and had dinner at Pastor Lim’s (lets just say that local team make amazing food that’s making me go for seconds and please keep it up I’m always hungry). Loving the trip and can’t wait for the next day for more food and going to the school and helping at the farm.


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