Ellenbrook: Day 4 – Happy Lugaw Day!

Everyone woke up in a great mood, inspecting yesterdays scratches. Some of us had our daily Milo and just sat and took in the wonderful volcanic view. But Mr Peakall had a surprise for us, low and behold as we walked downstairs for breakfast, it was Lugaw day. For those who are new to the blog, Lugaw day is where we live like a local for a day and have Lugaw for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lugaw is a small bowl of rice and chicken stock. So, what a way to start the morning!

After a hearty breakfast, we all got ready to head down to the senior high school. We gave some more supplies to the Principal of the high school; he was very grateful. At the high school, we were split into groups of three and were taken to the classes to interact with the students. In one group which consisted of Zac, Teale and Jayden they were “forced” to sing the Australian version of Jingle Bells. Many of the girls at the school, took a fancy to all the boys on our trip, the boys were surprised at the warming nature of the girls. This experience was very heartwarming and we hope to see them at the basketball game tomorrow.

We came back and had a very quick change into our work clothes and then all 19 of us hopped on the back and top of a single ute to the rice fields. There we were told to jump right into the knee-deep mud and flatten it down so we could plant some rice. Everyone had mud all over them by the end of our rice journey. Sophie and Zac jumped on top of the caribou, but the caribou did not like Sophie and attacked her with his horns. With everyone really exhausted we washed the mud off our feet and headed back home.

After lunch, Mr Peakall told us to gather our washing as we were going to wash our clothes after visiting the IRC. At around 1:30 we headed towards the IRC where the boys helped the other workers shovel stones and dirt for the basketball court. While the girls were helping the other volunteers make shorts for the little kids. We spent around two hours helping out and then headed down to the spring resort to wash our clothes. At the spring, we were handed washing powder and washed our clothes and took a lovely refreshing dip in “resort” pool. We then took a long walk back but there was a beautiful view awaiting us back at home.

Very quickly we had to get ready for dinner which we shared with a local family. We split into five groups and travelled down the street to a local home. Each group was introduced to a family where we asked questions about their life and culture. We also brought with us a meal for the family. Over the course of the night, we learnt that many of them are either fish, sugar or rice farmers. Many families are just working to provide what they can for their children. This was a very confronting experience for most of us as the majority of their homes were much smaller than we expected (2.5mx10m) with up to 9 people living in them. Crush almost got strangled by one of the children at the homes and he was glad to make it out alive.

The girls were treated to massages by the locals while the boys had their debrief. Once all the massages were finished and the girls debriefed. After a long, tiring, energy-depleting day we all went to bed ready for the next day.

From Patrick and Sophie

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  1. Well done everyone on a difficult and thought provoking day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all 💕🙏🏻 Hoping you get a good nights rest tonight and a good breakfast in the morning. (Love you Peter, I played the Arctic Monkeys in the car this arvo and it made Annie cry! We miss you!! ❤️🙏🏻) Love seeing the photos and thanks everyone for all the updates! God bless all xxxxx

  2. Sounds like you guys are having a real impact on the community. Please give Aunty Dinah a BIG hug from me. Keep up the amazing work and god bless xx

  3. Sounds like you guys had a tough day, hopefully you all got a good nights sleep! I love reading the blog and seeing all the photos every day. You’re all amazing and it’s great seeing how you’re helping in the community all everyday.

  4. What an amazing day you had. From the other blogs I am guessing the rice dish Lugaw isn’t the most tasty option but it is good for the soul to live like the locals for a while. Maybe my spaghetti isn’t so bad now Olivia. LOL. Holly looks like she is having a wonderful time with all the little ones and there is certainly some beautiful photos to treasure. Keep enjoying your time, keep embracing the community and most of all keep smiling and being you. Sending love from home and looking forward to the next blog. Well done xx

    1. Yes not bad for someone who thinks she isn’t very good with little ones. xx The blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin is sure to be an attraction they don’t see much 🙂 . The photo’s really will be treasured.

  5. What a fantastic day full of amazing experiences. I’m thinking rice may not be on the menu at home for a little while. Loving my morning start reading what you have all have been up to. Stay safe

  6. Thank you for sharing your day with us, I am so glad that you’re all having a wonderful time! Sophie 🤦🏻‍♀️ Leave the animals alone 🤣. Teale and Jayden I’ll let Miss Stafford know that you’d like a spot at the ECC Christmas Carols evening 😜

  7. What an adventurous day! It looks like Sophie survived the caribou ‘attack’. 😳 Enjoy your breakfast today and we’ll done for living like a local. (Thanks for the birthday book Soph- it’s made me laugh already!) xx

  8. Sound like a full on day and you all managed to continue to smile through it. I bet those massages were very welcome at the end of the busy day! Great job to all xx

  9. You all had quite an eventful day! Congratulations for making it through Lagaw Day, it sounded like a tough but worthwhile experience. It’s so great to see the photos, and particularly to see you smiling through everything. It’s clear you’re all making an impact over there. Clearly we need photos of Sophie trying to ride that caribou!

  10. From past years we know that the ‘live like a local day’ is a tough one! Well done everyone for persevering and managing smiles none the less. Thanks for reminding us of how blessed we really are back here. Lots of love and prayers for the coming days.

  11. Congratulations on surviving Lagaw day. You guys are amazing. Sending you lots of love and hugs. Xxx

  12. Super proud of you all for making a difference. You will never look into the eyes of someone Jesus doesn’t love x x

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