Southern Hills Day 4: Live Like a Local

Hello all,

Today on the 19th of November we lived like a local Filipino. We all had to walk most places, and each got 3 meals today with only two options to eat from, lugaw or plain white rice. For those who don’t know lugaw is practically the water that the rice is cooked in with some overcooked rice in it. The lugaw tasted gross in my opinion and made me feel sick.

After we had our breakfast, we walked down to the special needs school and helped with the children in the classrooms. Before we went into the classrooms, the children sang and danced. We joined in with one of the dances. In the class I was in, we drew Australian things on the board for the children, then we read them books out of the ones we donated to them. Then we gave them pages to colour in. Afterwards, we took them outside and played games, also taught them how to play heads down thumbs up and hangman.

We walked to have lunch and did our washing. This was done by filling up a tub with water while using a bar of washing powder and soap. After scrubbing the clothes, we had to rinse and wring out the water then hang them up with coat hangers on the line. After we had all done our washing, we got in the back of a truck and got dropped off down the road from the farm where we were working today. Today we were weeding the sugarcane field. Then we went to the original farm owner’s mansion and looked inside. After that we went next door to one of the farm worker’s houses, in the one house there were 3 families and 15 people in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. It put most of us out of our comfort zone and some might say confronting, but it really showed how much of us take things for granted.

Love you all xo

Written by: Hanna Hilton and Taylor Baker



5 thoughts on “Southern Hills Day 4: Live Like a Local

  1. Sounds like a challenging day. Hope you’re all enjoying yourselves. Can’t wait to see more pics and hear all your stories. Sending special squeezing hugs to Lizzie Lou, Love mum, Jamie, Phil and Bozo xo

  2. So proud of you all.
    It’s amazing the opportunities you all get to experience, it will stick with you for the rest of your lives.
    Missing you lots
    Big Hugs to you Taylor and Hanna

  3. HI Maddy really enjoying the Blogs each night, hope your enjoying yourself, hello to Nat (miss) and Monique.

  4. Hi Mad. I am being very careful in what I post as you instructed me before you left. Fergie is missing you and says please don’t eat any cats. Love as always beautiful mummy xxx

  5. You are all wonderful and as much as you are enriching the lives of the people you meet they are also enriching yours. Love and blessing to all of you xo:-)

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